Are Mirrors Portals For Ghosts?

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Are mirrors a portal for ghosts to enter through? It might seem so, many believe that mirrors are a vessel of sorts to bring forth spirits into our conscious world surroundings. Throughout time, there have been numerous stories related to ghosts and spirits alike.

Most of these are considered haunted tales and many believe that these types of supernatural activities, still happen today. Over generations, stories have been told regarding ghosts. Mirrors have often been spoken about in these stories as well.

ghosts in mirror

One of the biggest beliefs about ghosts and mirrors is, that a mirror can become a portal for a spirit from another dimension. Dating back several hundred years, is the belief that a mirror can and will at some point…extract the very soul of someone simply by standing in front of one.

A similar belief has been thought over time, regarding someone getting their picture taken. When it happens, a part of this person is forever preserved within the photograph. The earliest way someone’s likeness was captured, was by a drawing or sketch. Sculptures came along next and what we have today, is further technology with computers and more.

When someone’s very soul is sucked away and brought forth through a mirror, they lacked the precautions to prevent this. Superstitions were high back in ancient times. Many people even removed mirrors, due to their religious belief that the person might lose their very soul.

Often when someone fell ill to some kind of sickness, they were thought to become vulnerable to the afterlife. Death soon would call come knocking at the door. With these vulnerabilities, the person would fall victim to the negative powers bestowed upon a mirror.

To help ward away anything bad from happening, people were warned to never look into a mirror during the nighttime or by candlelight either. If someone did this, they were certain to see many different things including demons and ghosts. Foreseeing someone’s own death or how they might die, made people feel uneasy.

Back in history, when someone died inside a mirror covered room, the mirrors were taken away, broken or covered with cloth. Sometimes the mirrors were simply turned to face the other way. If someone failed to do this, then they faced their very own soul being lost forever. Legends and lore also mention, that if someone doesn’t have a reflection – then they may well be a vampire after all.

With these high superstitions, people thought it was best to cover their mirror up before falling fast asleep. Otherwise, they would fall prey to something entering their very room such as a ghost or demonic type of force. Upon a dark night, if the room is covered with mirrors it would be best to never have one’s bed directly in front of a mirror. Something could come forth during such a night and enter someone’s life. They would likely be cursed or haunted from then on.

To help prevent this, mirrors would often be moved from one room to the next. Other details include, strange occurrences happening when someone brings an older mirror into their home. Older mirrors left behind might be left for a good reason. Perhaps their previous owner wanted to rid themselves of whatever was affecting their life.

Most commonly seen, are apparitions entering the room or standing next to someone. Curious lighting distortions can occur. This might create some kind of illusion to happen, whether or not it is day or night. High levels of spiritual activity can happen while in front of a mirror.

Not everything is negative by nature, sometimes people can make contact with good spirits. Perhaps it is possible that these spirits were reaching out, as they transcend between the world of the living and the dead. The phenomena experienced by people is quite diverse, it is wise to question everything in life, as more answers are revealed to us over time regarding ghosts. The next time you step in front of a mirror, you might have a different perspective about it.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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