Strange statues stand in Australia

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Seen in these captivating photographs, are surreal surrounding captures taken in Lake Ballard, Australia. Something like this, sticks with you in your memories while visiting here. The area of Lake Ballad, sets up a rather unique looking landscape.

The statues here, give it a real bizarre vibe. The ephemeral salt lake, is dried up and located in the Shire of Menzies, Goldfields-Esperance. This area is situated in the Western part of Australia, about 11 miles north from Menzies.

Statues stand in Australian Lake

With torrential rains that come down here, they have set the scape of the area, making it impossible to transverse through along some roadways. A government official spoke with Matt, mentioning that you have to ignore the Road Closed sign here and there. Several weeks before these photos were taken, the rain wreaked havoc upon this place, giving birth to flood plains, rivers and streams.

The last time people could remember Lake Ballard having water, was well over 20 years ago. This lake is certainly an interesting one. With the size of this lake being so large, it could easily provide cover for alien visitors to land here without being seen by the naked eyed.

Strange statues stand in Australia

Back in the year 2003, an artist by the name of Antony Gormley was commissioned to create artwork. He made 51 sculptures that cover a 4 miles radius around Lake Ballard. This was done to mark the 50th anniversary of the Perth International Arts Festival. Antony first scouted this location after flying earlier around the Western part of Australia.

This spot seemed quite perfect for his creations. The heads of Gormley’s statues, are reminiscent of the carved human figures found on Easter Island, only more narrowly shaped. Before being created, the statues were digitally scanned and later shrunk down by ⅔ before being artistically reinterpreted. These statues look like some sort of extraterrestrial type entities.

Strange statues stand in Australian Lake

Most people it seems have forgotten about Lake Ballard all together. With the statues, people now sometimes come around the area, helping tourism here.

The statues still stand to date and provide a really interesting yet creepy atmosphere to the place. With each statue, they have their own spirit and are positioned in such a way, that they point or lead to the very next one flickering off into the distance like an apparition.

Lake Ballard Australia statues

There is a ominously eerie feeling to this place, with it being so open, you feel quite isolated day or night. This place is perhaps one if not the most unusual locations in all of Australia.

(Source: LandLopers)

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