UFO recorded flying from the Moon

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New video, shows what appears to be some sort of UFO flying from the Moon. While the object is rather small, it seems to move quite peculiar as it flies away from the Moon. Now, there are more sightings popping up around different spots around the world of other UFOs. Is it possible, that these are a part of some sort of secret operation going on?

UFO flies from Moon

The video footage, was recorded in hi-definition and clearly the Moon can be seen along with this amazing UFO. Surface details of the Moon can be seen upon this recording, which was uploaded on Jan 12, 2018. The video was first posted by Diego Aviles on his YouTube channel.

One commenter said, that this was nothing more than some sort of routine transport mission from the moon and nothing else. Perhaps so, but anyone can assume anything at this point. It certainly is interesting and appears to be a good catch made. It makes one wonder, just how many “missions” are going on each and every day.

UFO flying from Moon

Structures have also been spotted according to some people. However, it is difficult to see details if so. Most of the Moon surface, can be made out by the naked eye. Like many others, people are wondering the exact time and date this happened, as there is no time stamp displayed on the video clip.

Perhaps Diego will post an update about it soon. He did mention in comments that he has another video, which he hasn’t posted yet. Maybe this next video, will show more detail or when this happened.

Someone else mentioned that the whole image is “waving” due to distortions of the atmosphere but the flying object is not. It is their interpretation, that this is a fake and nothing more. Logically, this could be a shooting star, but it moves in such a way, that it seems more fluid and controlled. The UFO being seen, is believed to be a spaceship of sorts, and a rather large one at that. Is it one of ours or from another world?

Not long ago, alien life, in the form of a microorganism…was discovered by Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov.

With these strange occurrences continuing to happen, it truly makes one wonder whether or not we are alone. It has been rumored that sometime this year, alien disclosure will happen. Like many others we eagerly await the truth of things.

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