Little girl who lives in the wall

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While there are many things we cannot rationally make sense of, there are some paranormal encounters that are downright terrifying. Imagine the horror of finding something living in your home, that didn’t even seem human. From what is known, a newly married couple, were living in their very first home together. They were madly in love with one another and the world seemingly was their oyster.

This home has since become quite dated, after being originally built back in the early 1950’s. Things were going great for this new couple, (for about a week) before suddenly they started hearing what appeared to be children’s footsteps running up and down the upstairs hallway. Unfortunately, they didn’t think much of it at first.

Where they live, there are peacocks which sometimes frequent the area. To them, they thought these birds were wandering around on the roof. The reason these birds gather here, is from the home being located near a conservation area for wildlife. Occasionally, these types of animals would get loose. All of this, seemed rational with animals being so close by, eventually the young couple ignored this minor nuisance, as things seemed to make sense now.

However, things soon changed, as other noises soon followed, the couple tried to figure out where the sounds were coming from. They heard random footsteps, bumping against the walls and furniture being ever so slightly moved. After time passed by, they couple became parents less than a year later. Their son seemed to always be full of energy, as any young child would be. The young lad, enjoyed watching spinning each toy around while he walked in circles around the room.

The child’s actions, seemed to be both the weirdest and coolest thing, the couple had ever seen. He literally found the center of balance with each toy, stacking them on top of one another. They of course were very proud of him. His gentle touch kept each toy spinning it seemed for quite some time. Perhaps their child, would become a great magician or architect one day. After the child turned about age 3, they began hearing him talking in his room during the night.

It is normal for children to sometimes create imaginary friends. One night, the mother asked who he was talking to. Her son replied “Tracy”. She then asked, “Who is Tracy?”. He then went on to describe her, as a girl having brown hair and a yellow dress. Sometimes she would play with him making him laugh, other times she seemed scary. Curious the mother asked, “Where did she come from?” the boy replied “She is the girl who lives in the wall.”

Little girl who lives in the wall

The mother then heard her son tell her that sometimes she would wake him up at night. This didn’t seem to happen often from what she could understand. Years later, the couple decided to add on to the house by moving the master bedroom downstairs. They had another child on the way. Their youngest child, would later be in her very own room – after transitioning from being in a crib to toddler type bed.

Their daughter, usually was a sound sleeper, but now she began crying nearly every night while being in the same room. The very first night, while in the toddler bed the couple heard a loud thump. Immediately, they rushed into the room thinking that their daughter may have fallen from out of the bed.

They were wrong, their daughter was all the way across the room. She was scared, crying and screaming. After a while, they were able to calm her down and get her back to sleep. They decided to switch the children’s rooms again and everything seemed fine then.

Out of curiosity, the couple looked up the history of the home. They couldn’t find any information about missing children or a little girl by the name of Tracy who had lived there. Eventually, their son stopped talking about Tracy a few years later. Not long after this, the family moved away for the father’s new job opportunity.

On the very last moving day, they noticed their son waving to one window in particular. After looking up, they noticed a little girl waving back at them.

(Source: Scary Side of Earth)

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