Illuminating the Illuminati

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In the deep dark corners of society exists some of the worst kind of torture and sacrifices to get ahead in the entertainment industry. They range from musicians to actors along with others. Some of their self expressions have manifested themselves into their work with music videos as an example. Only those who seek the truth have tried to shine the spotlight upon things to reveal this upon the masses.

Some of these people have fallen victim from sexual abuse often at a young age. Perhaps the old expression “Did you make a deal with the Devil?” applies to these particular situations. With every Hollywood hopeful there are many sleeping in the streets at night without anything to eat as they lost their drive to go on further from rejection and lake of opportunities. Sadly, this is the typical type story.


There are a few who make it but what did they give up to get what was coming to them? Perhaps quite a bit. There are numerous examples of famous people who traded even their dignity to get where they are today. It is rumored that certain young boys (at the time) have been abused such as late actor Corey Haim.

He died officially from pneumonia yet he suffered from his drug addictions. Obviously he was troubled and had many demons to contend with. His friend and often co-star Corey Feldman recently has been in the news from his music appearance on The Today Show.


He has mentioned both he and Haim were abused sexually early in their careers. People have mocked Feldman for his performance while others have praise him for expressing himself. Either way he has become a token of the past decade of decadence back in the 1980’s. It is suspected that a A-list male actor was involved sexually with Corey Haim by abusing him back in the 80’s during the filming of the 1986 movie Lucas. The suspicion is actor Charlie Sheen who started his career roughly around the same time Haim did.


Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) has been trying to free herself away from the reign of the entertainment industry controlled by the Illuminati. Her latest music video demonstrates her trying to escape from being controlled. She has been haunted by nightmares which involve a blonde girl tied up with ropes and then being pulled apart. It is disturbing to her on different levels. Feeling oppressed Lady Gaga has tried to demonstrate her music to the masses yet remains a prisoner to her passions as she tries to desperately escape mind control techniques. This is a message she tries to convey with her music video Perfect Illusion. Lady Gaga once had an assistant who slept in her bed because she was afraid to be left alone according to sources.

Not long ago, a video has been floating around with actress Angelina Jolie. At the time she was only 23 years old and still rising as a star. She then revealed not knowing she was being filmed about participating in secret Illuminati rituals. The video was taken back in 1999 secretly and during this time she was trying to establish herself in Hollywood. There are some sexual and torturous moments revealed even involving sacrifices with animals. She truly seems disturbed about what she had previously done. During the Illuminati ritual she said you are tied up, raped, and tortured by other members.


More speculation leads to the upper tiers of the government itself being manipulated by the Illuminati and taking control of positions of power and influence. As an example the race for the White House. What may happen may be rather unexpected with such deceitful forces behind the scenes. There are many more examples but this gives an idea about what is really going on.

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