Alien stick creatures caught on camera

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Known as the night crawlers, this video shows what appears to be two pants walking by themselves. Are they really pants? Or, are they something else entirely? Whatever these are suppose to be the videos, dates back at least several years on a home camera recording. The two beings are both caught on camera from a home security camera which was running across the street.

The home is located in Fresno, California and the video recording was taken at 1:00 am in the morning. There were several dogs barking outside where the home owner lives. The owner of the camera and house across the road didn’t see anything usual initially, until they played back the camera footage. Deciding to upload this online, the video quickly spread around.

The original video was apparently destroyed by the original home owner. For what reason is strange. A video story such as this is rather intriguing. There is no other information found about this encounter. People speculate many different things. Whether or not this is something extraterrestrial is anyone’s best guess.

The video also goes by another name simply as “The Fresno Alien”. These unknown cryptid creatures (cannot entirely be proven or dis proven by science) have only appeared twice. Both times this happened in Fresno, California. They appear to be around four feet tall. These things have no arms and questionable heads (if any). The quality of the images makes it difficult to tell anything.

They both are wearing a cloak of sorts or perhaps even a gown. The color of what they are wearing is tough to tell as well. On camera, they seem to be wearing something white, yet it may be a different color entirely. They are almost like stick figures moving being quite slender. Some think these are some kind of scouts wandering around collecting data. Others link these to Native American tribes either magic walking sticks or totems which have come to life.


The next video shows a more clear picture of these same two walking alien pants creatures. They are seen together. One of them seems bigger than the other leading the way. This video was taken (according to the screen display) on 3/28/11.


This video also took place in Fresno, but it is said to be more near Yosemite area. The camera is stationary and presents these alien night crawlers from the distance. The view is through the trees and they appear to be walking along a dirt back road somewhere.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any other known footage found yet. Perhaps someone will come forward with more information as of now, all of this is speculation. These Fresno aliens have people scratching their heads.

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