Unknown Mystery Creature Caught On Video In Mississippi

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Unfortunately, the video from where this screenshot is from isn’t known. Only very little information was given about this creature. It appears to have two glowing eyes and a video was allegedly taken of it. It appears to be underneath an old wooden set of stairs as seen. There are so many possibilities about where the video was taken. Did someone just happen by this creature at random?

Unknown Strange Creature Caught On Video In Mississippi

The size of this thing would likely not be very big, as it was able to crawl under these wooden steps. Perhaps this was taken out by and old abandoned farmhouse somewhere. In remote areas like that, you never know what you might happen to come across. It is ashamed the video isn’t available, but one can imagine how this thing might have moved.

Goblin sized creatures like this, are part of legends and lore. While it is far fetched to think so, there might be a smaller sized humanoid type species that survived throughout the ages. Likely they would have to be quite cunning to avoid being seen. Someone commented saying, perhaps this creature has the ability to cloak itself with invisibility or through a camouflage type of method.

In nature, there are numerous creatures that are able to blend in with their surroundings. Would would make this thing any different? It would be comparable to that of a chameleon. This unknown creatures head, looks to be rounded and almost oval from what can be seen.

Most likely the object seen to the right, is nothing more than a cobweb. But it might be some kind of limb protrusion of some kind. What it was doing here is anyone’s best guess. The discovery happened fast and this creature was certainly startled along with whoever recorded it.

If anyone knows where this is from contact us. We would like to include the video and source. This may be part of a compilation video.

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