Past life children

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Perhaps you have heard of déjà vu—when a certain moment feels like it has happened before. This is exactly what some children have reported experiencing. Children are usually direct and to the point when they mention they are hungry, tired or want something.

Although they are not yet adults, the early development for them is quite important. They are like sponges able to absorb information, for example they can learn several languages much easier than most adults can. Parents should listen carefully and give their children as much attention as possible as they grow up.


There are different theories about past life existences—but reincarnation is really what it is. A particular story stands out about a young boy age three from Golan Heights, Syria (a region in the Levant). He described in detail not only how he died but where he did even knowing the exact location.

This didn’t happen until the child turned age three. Describing in detail, the memories were haunting him. He explained that he was struck on the head by an axe. Going through different locations including some villages, he didn’t react until he came across one in particular. A man there the villagers mentioned had been missing for 4 years and had never returned.


The chilling moment was when this child led him and his family to a man who he then confronted. Not at first even knowing his full name he proclaimed him to be his murderer. The boy said: “Aren’t you Dr. Eli Lasch?” (Eli Lasch is known for developing a government medical system in this area)

Dr. Eli Lasch

Eli then answered him stating yes. The boy said: “I used to be your neighbor”. Then the boy said to him “We had a fight and you killed me with an axe”. The mans face went white with fright, the boy proceeded to lead everyone to the spot where he was buried.


At this exact spot under piles of stone, was where his body was. The corpse even had a notch on the skull where his head was struck from the front. Strangely, the boy has a birthmark on the same spot of his head. Afterward, the boy led them to where the axe was buried as well. It was then Eli Lasch confessed to the horrible crime he committed. This three year old Syrian boy solved his own murder.


Epoch Times first wrote this story and the history of this boy can be found in a book by German doctor Trutts Hardo “Children who lived before: Reincarnation today”

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