Ghost caught on video at soccer game

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It is amazing to see this video footage. This happened during a game in Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia. It appears to be a ghostly spirit passing through a crowd of spectators. This shadowy figure of sorts appears to be moving fairly fast through the crowd. This video has since gone viral around the internet; people of course have their suspicions about it.

Some believe the apparition is deceased President Hugo Chaves. He was once responsible for deflecting a goal during a game against Colombia.
The extraordinary footage which was recorded during a match up between Bolivia’s “The Strongest” and Uruguay’s “Defensor Sporting”. Some people at the stadium reported seeing a second shadow figure at the north end of the stadium.


The incident has yet to be explained still. Paranormal investigators are desperately trying to dissect the captured video and speculate what it actually may be. This however is not the first time an unexplained apparition has been spotted at a South American stadium.

Some Venezuelan people have come to believe this is actually real and people should respect their opinions. The video is rather interesting as the figure keeps passing through people in the stands, without much hesitation at all. It could well be a special effects hoax, but the possibility of this being a real specter caught on camera is fascinating indeed.

Hernando Siles Stadium seating capacity is around 38,000 people. This day was special for those who came, and after learning about this video, I’m sure they were a bit spooked out after getting their moneys worth.


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