Morphing UFO portals appearing all over England

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Surfer recording UFO in sky

Appearing all over England, are gaseous dark colored clouds. They seem to form a face of some sort seen in some moments. This strange phenomena has captured the attention of people who live in different areas all over the place. Even a surfer wearing a GoPro camera, was able to record some footage of this morphing face, appearing in the sky.

Many are saying, that this is nothing more than a flock of birds hovering over different locations. It doesn’t seem possible, that birds could continuously keep forming the same shapes over and over again like this. Whatever this is, it isn’t a flock of birds. Seen from different camera angles, are the same exact patterns happening in the air.

Cornwall England UFO sighting

The shape of this, seems to continuously keep morphing into the same sized formations repeatedly. Is this some sort of portal trying to open? Or, perhaps it is a projection of some sort. One person mentioned, that this is nothing more than a malfunction by what is known as project blue beam.

This particular project, is a conspiracy theory—involving NASA in an attempt to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist. In co-junction with the New World Order, this simulation in the skies would be the second coming of Christ, through the use of technological holographic projections.

One witness noted: “I’ve never seen birds disappear into thin air”… Not to mention, the shape never changes. Strange indeed.

People that live where these UFO formations are happening, declare that these were not any kind of birds at all. Shayne House posted on Twitter, “What the? Is this an alien spacecraft over the A30?”

Shayne House comment Twitter

It is anyone’s best guess, at what this might be. It could be part of some kind of government experiment. With this UFO sighting, the good news is…there are multiple witnesses s with camera recordings of it taken in different locations. Perhaps using different software programs, people can further enhance these images trying to clarify what was captured.

From the findings by doctoral student Sam Monfort, from George Mason University, there have been a reported 104,947 UFO sightings documented over the last 100 years. Of course, there may be even more. Certainly this England UFO sighting, is a most unusual one and has many witnesses with it and their recordings as evidence about it. Twitter user Trudi Holden wrote: “What on Earth is this in the sky? Just spotted it over Roche Rock?!”

Trudi Holden comment Twitter

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