More children continue to go missing

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Strangely, there has been a number of missing children, who have gone missing in recent times. A YouTube channel known as “Hacking the Headlines” put together a series of video clips from fairly recent news reports. Seen in these videos, are some peculiar things, especially a city homeless shelter, showing many empty beds located within these shelters.

All of this doesn’t seem right. Where did all of these missing children go? Some are questioning the people who work there and whether or not, they are involved in some kind of elaborate kidnapping scheme.

One comment simply said: “There not running away, someone is taking these kids.” Amidst the pedophilia rings being exposed lately, there have been a number of outcries for justice for these missing children.

Little girl coloring

Someone said, there is now 20 trillion dollars, that is unaccounted for since the September 11, 2001 incident in the United States. Somewhere in the federal budget, there seems to be a secondary record book being kept, smudging away some rather questionable transactions. Now, 80% of the money supply, is being issued as mortgages and car loans.

People then continue to pay a compounding interest to bankers, who merely tap the digits on a keyboard and then loan nothing. This is considered both theft and slavery on a colossal type scale. It is also believed that these people, have taken wealth way beyond imagination to further their sick hidden agendas. Is this merely a scripted reality for people or will they rise up for an actual change?

It is time, to put an end to the global elites who are involved in satanic pedophilia and the sacrifices of children. Missing children and some adults are being taken and being used and abused through human trafficking.

Children gone missing

These luciferian sacrifices need to stop. While the theory may sound completely unimaginable to some, a number of people believe that governments around the world, have made deals with an alien species – perhaps a number of them. These aliens entities, then slowly siphon away people from the streets and use them for whatever different purposes.

These people are more than likely being experimented on or possibly eaten as a food source. Legitimately, a number of these children may well be runaways, leaving behind a bad home life or whatnot.

However, the numbers are quite high statistically in each state around the country. Something strange is happening with the children. All of this isn’t new, it has continued to happen for many years. Now, with technology and nearly everyone running around with cell phones, maybe more insider information will be exposed. Any parent, family or friend must be wise and keep a watchful eye on their children. Certainly many are worried about this. #pizzagate

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