Unearthed 2000-Year-Old Green Serpentine Mask Found In Mexico

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A rather unusual looking mask was discovered at the base of a pyramid in Mexico, long ago. There have been numerous findings in Mexico including prehistoric men, dinosaurs, craters, pyramids and more.

Any archaeologist would enjoy such a place. This 2000 year old green serpentine mask was found beneath a place known as the Pyramid of the Sun.

Green Serpentine mask Mexico discovery

Some so-called experts believe that this mask might be a portrait of someone of importance in history. Others argue that this mask is proof of visitors coming to our world.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest discovered structure in Teotihuacan. It is believed that the pyramid dates back to 100 B.C. It is possible that this renowned pyramid structure was inhabited for hundreds of years. 

Those who examined the area around the pyramid, think that different valuables were placed here to mark the construction of the large pyramid. Out of everything so far recovered, the three green stone figurines were the most distinctive overall. This green serpentine mask is a stand out for its condition alone. 

To wear such a mask, one would have to hold it upon their face or use something strong to keep it on their heads. Certainly, the properties of this mask are interesting as its green color and pattern stand out.

This is from the material used to make it. The mask seems to have a polished or smoothed look about it. This is likely why it resembles a snake in some respects.

The country of Mexico, has an agency known as the National Institute of Anthropology and History. They along with the help of other archaeologists, have been inspecting this location for the last several years. Who knows what else might turn up next. These findings might provide clues to our real history.

After all these archaeological teams have wandered through the area, they have so far dug out 59 different large holes and 3 different short tunnel systems.

Some of these sites, are believed to be burial chambers which date further back in time…beyond the construction of the Pyramid of the Sun. One team member named Perez Cortez said that the green mask along with the other offerings found at the Pyramid’s base, were likely part of a dedication ceremony.

(Source: Live Science)

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