Joe Rogan Smokes Weed With Elon Musk During Unusal Interview

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Will A.I. ultimately destroy what humanity is left? There are those who believe something is quite wrong with the world. Have we hit a wall of what is morally right and wrong? There are many questions that remain unanswered.

For now, we can only speculate about our future existence. However, it seems that Elon Musk gave his input on what might be headed our way – when he sat down with Joe Rogan during an unusual interview. The video interview, has since gone viral online.

Rogan and Musk interview

Elon was smoking marijuana and spilling his take on what we might expect next during this recent interview. Perhaps all of this is mere speculation or just maybe Elon Musk knows more than it seems. During the interview with Rogan, he seemed both jittery and tired.

Most impressively, are the accomplishments that Elon has achieved so far in his life. As an investor, engineer and CEO he surely keeps busy. Elon is the product architect of Tesla Inc. and the co-founder of Neuralink. Elon is also the co-founder of PayPal the online payment services company.

A backlash of sorts happened, after Elon appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience. After this appearance, several high-profile executives left the Tesla car company and the company’s stock temporarily dropped by 10% on Friday.

Joe Rogan and Elon Musk interview 2018

Both Rogan and Musk discussed other topics including the flat-Earth movement. They seemed to delve deep, into the future of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) They went on to talk about neural-link technology aside from the differences between a joint and a blunt.

Other topics came up during the interview including climate change, flamethrowers, sports cars, and the design for an electric plane. When pressed further about the different dangers about A.I. back during speech made at South by Southwest in March…Elon Musk said, A.I. is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons and that the government should move to regulate A.I. development.

Rogan and Musk smoking weed

Elon said, “I am not normally an advocate of regulation and oversight—I think one should generally err on the side of minimizing those things—but this is a case where you have a very serious danger to the public.

The thing that’s going to be tricky here is, that it’s going to be very tempting to use A.I. as a weapon. The danger is going to be humans using it against each other. I tried to convince people to slow down, slow down A.I., to regulate A.I. This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened.”

Elon is a bit of an eccentric billionaire and many don’t know what to make of him. The interview is an interesting one and can be watched below.

(Source: Big Think and Tech Crunch)

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