Boy Recalls Dying As WWII Fighter Pilot

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A young child living in Louisiana, lived a fairly typical life growing up with his family. Now as a teenager, he no longer recalls the vivid nightmares he experienced when he was boy, dying in a plane crash. He remembers being shot down by a Japanese plane, with a red sun emblem on the side. His parents eventually understood, that their son was experiencing something extraordinary.

James Madison Leininger, was born back on April 10th,1998 in San Francisco. His father Bruce Leininger, is a human resources executive and his mother Andrea Leininger works as a resume-writer and homemaker. She formerly was a professional dancer. The family eventually moved from Dallas, Texas to Lafayette, Louisiana.

James Leininger now

James has since lived an unusual life so far. Some of his memories and knowledge, pertains to the military. This is to be expected, since he carries over his past life experiences. Some people believe in reincarnation, while others simply do not. However, nobody knows for sure, until they leave this world what happens to us afterward. James and his remarkable story, does create an interesting perspective about life.

When James was only 22 months old, he was taken by his father and mother to the James Cavanaugh Flight Museum located in Dallas, Texas. It was there, when things started to make some kind of sense for him and his family.

While at the museum, young James was transfixed upon the WWII planes. Eventually, both he and his father were forced to leave this area for whatever reason. While passing by the gift shop, a display bin was filled with plastic toys and boats.

Leininger family

His mother grabbed a plastic toy airplane and handed it to James. His mother said, “Look there’s even a bomb underneath it.” James responded by saying, “That’s not a bomb, Mummy. That’s a dwop tank.” (A drop tank is an extra fuel tank fitted to an aircraft to extend its flight range)

At age two, James began to have more intense nightmares. He began screaming and kicking with his legs in the air. James yelled out, “Airplane crash! Plane on fire! Little man can’t get out!”

After all of this, James father Bruce decided to further research about this. He learned that there was a small escort carrier called the Natoma Bay. The carrier plane, was used in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

An airplane pilot named James Huston apparently died, after being hit by Japanese fire during March 3rd, 1945. His plane was struck in the engine, which took the plane down.

LT James McCready Huston and James Leininger

Later on, James was taken to a reunion of veterans who had served on the Natoma. James seemed to recognize one of his old buddies after 60 years. One interesting thing is, both of them were given the same first name James. After hearing about this story, 87 year old Anne Barron who is the sister of pilot James Huston, believes young James. She went on to say, that he simply knows too much and for whatever reason all of this happened.

Huston’s cousin Bob age 74 mentioned, “To me, it’s amazing, everything the boy has said is exactly the account told to James Huston’s father and also my mother, there is no way this child could have known that.”

James’s extraordinary story, has inspired books and he has been interviewed about his past life. Stories such as these, make one think about reincarnation and the afterlife. Perhaps there is more to all of this, that we don’t understand here on Earth. For now, we can speculate different scenarios.

(Source: PSI Encyclopedia and Horror Movie Blog)

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