Little Girl Ghost Found From Google Maps At Texas Cemetery

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A photograph, appears to show a young girl peeking out from behind an old tree. The photo certainly dates back some years. She was discovered originally by someone using Google Maps. This anonymous person, explained they were browsing around the area, when they noticed something unusual near a tree.

Typically, a young child would do something such as this. However, this girl isn’t believed to be alive…she might be buried somewhere at this Texas cemetery, known as Martha Chapel. Some argue that her hair shines, as seen in the photograph.

Little Ghostly Girl Peeks Out From Behind Tree

This could be entirely possible, as much of the afterlife remains a mystery to the living. One person commented by saying, can ethereal forms such as these really reflect or hold sunlight like this?

This photograph, is one of the better captures of an alleged ghostly encounter. Some say shadows can be seen across her face. Would a real ghost have such defining definitions in their face while sunlight shines on it? What we know from movies and other references, cannot be used as a judgement.

Most likely, spirits do not abide by what we know of them. They move and manifest in different ways. For example, a poltergeist is able to manipulate things around them including physical disturbances.

This would include hearing noises or other loud sounds. This type of ghost, also has been documented being able to levitate objects around them as well. Various types of ghosts all have been documented being able to bite, scratch or even hit people knocking them down. Quite often people have heard ghosts making noises such as knocking on doors.

There are theories about things like this including whether or not this girl might be possessed by something instead. Anything is possible, yet much of this is mere speculation at this point.

Was this ghostly child playing peek a boo with another person or another ghost? It makes one wonder.

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