Small angelic spirit climbs into child’s crib

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When a mother or father tucks their child in for bed. They hope they are safe from harm. Perhaps they are being protected unknowingly by something else as well. A 39 year old woman named Laura Haigh, along with her partner Dean Evans, captured on camera what appears to be some sort of small sized baby angel, watching over Laura’s child.

Angelic ghost spirit baby crib

They were astonished to see the silhouette of a white glowing humanoid entity standing inside the the crib. The child’s name is Sebastian and was seen safely asleep during the late night hours. It seems this child, has a watchful eye looking out for him. Aside from a stuffed animal toy being inside the crib, this small angelic ghostly entity can be seen.

Looking carefully at this guardian angel of sorts, it appears to have a small wing protruding from its back. Initially, this glowing energy was thought to be that of a ghost. Laura certainly had room for concern, after seeing her then 18-month-old son sleeping near this thing. Not all spirits are evil, there are some sent here to protect and look out for others. Children and animals in particular, are pure spirits not yet tainted by our world.

The reason this recording happened, was because baby Sebastian would often try to climb out of his crib. They decided to monitor the child with a baby monitor recorder unit. Of course they were surprised to see this like anyone else would be.

Laura was surprised after seeing this same ghostly figure wave at objects within Sebastian’s room. The couple lives in England in Plymouth, Devon.

Dean (42) works as a boat builder and quickly ran upstairs, to check on baby Sebastian. He looked around, but only could see the teddy bear laying next to Sebastian inside of the crib. Both of them were puzzled by all of this. When they checked the baby monitor, they noticed that this angel looking ghost, had moved around a bit changing positions.

Sebastian sleeping crib

Laura seems unfazed by what had happened. She thinks whatever this thing actually was/is didn’t mean any harm to her child. She believes that baby Sebastian, would have been upset otherwise. This leads one to believe, that this is a good spirit of sorts whether it is an angel or ghostly spirit.

Child Sebastian with Laura Haigh and Dean Evans

This however, isn’t this family’s first paranormal type encounter. Laura mentioned, that quite often she hears noises inside of their home. She noticed pictures normally hanging on the walls, have been turned upside down on certain days.

Laura said, “Sebastian is fine. I think he can see whatever it was as he will sit in the crib and smile at nothing. Or he has starred in the corner and waved at something that isn’t there.

I have not picked up anything that should make me uneasy. Sebastian slept fine all night and at one point even appeared to cuddle whatever it was. If he is not distressed by it then that’s good. If it meant harm then it would upset him.

It hasn’t left me unsettled. We have had some sort of activity in the house but if there is a presence it’s not a bad thing. We have had photos turned upside down or thrown off the wall.

We have had things disappearing when they were there only moments before. We see orbs all the time and I have spotted on shadows in the background of photos in the past.

We sometimes hear children running around upstairs when there is no one upstairs or even when the children are not even in the house. It’s when I can’t explain stuff such as photos turned upside down that the kids can’t reach or unexplained noises and so on. I have heard people shout my name but then when I check no one has even said anything. However, this is definitely the most clear thing [we have seen] so far.”

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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