Father And Daughter Encounter Little Humanoids

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While outside, one woman’s father witnessed something comparable to a children’s story. It was during the summer. It was a hot day and this father needed to take a break for a while. Being exhausted from working outside, he decided to take a nap in his bed. After laying down for a while, he then began to glance up at the ceiling. 

The utter silence was great for him and he could listen to the hum coming from the room. The man then heard what sounded like a soft rustling coming from his side. At first, he believed it to be a mouse.

However, when he turned his head slowly, he was startled after seeing what resembled a small sized human rummaging through some newspapers near the dresser. 

The man began to move methodically so he wouldn’t disturb the little humanoid in the room with him. When asked about what it looked like, he said it was a really small person who was wearing dark brown colored rags.  

Of course he was in disbelief about what he had seen. Whatever it was, the small figure stopped dead in its tracks. It knew at that moment the man noticed them. Rather quickly, the father jumped off the bed in search for the little sized person. He was surprised to see this little humanoid seemingly pass right through the nearby wall. 

It was difficult to best describe this pint-sized person. To him, it resembled something out of a movie like the Stephen King story “Cat’s Eye”. The little human, seemed to resemble that of the small creature seen in the film.

The father could only explain that this little human was living out of the little girl’s room. Even in recent times, this girls father still stands by what he had seen.

The anonymous woman explained that when she was a child, she also encountered something from out of the ordinary. She explained that their family owns one property where they hunt mostly. The location is rather remote and on the edge of the nearby town.

Typically, about an acre of land here would be cleared out to feed the local deer population. The rest of this location is thickened with lots of forest around.

When the girl was little, she said that her father would bring her to this property that her father owned. Often they would enjoy and explore this place. Originally, the property was purchased from another family member. 

There was something odd though, while negotiating prices for the lot…her father listened to a story told by the first buyer’s grandfather. The old man then explained how he grew up within the area and enjoyed his adventures while he lived there.

Most of these stories were fairly typical except for one. The old man said, he once had a rather strange encounter. It was an early morning he was still a young boy. 

A nearby creek used to run through the property line. Nowadays, there is nothing here but a dried up ravine of sorts. The old man said even fish once called this place home as well.

He went down to do some fishing one morning. It was early and the light peeked out over the hillside. As he wandered towards the creek, he heard voices nearby. The voices heard were like whispers and sounded like people making hush sounds.

Strange small humanoid encounter

The old man then explained he moved quietly to see who was there. After creeping around the corner, he looked over to see several small looking people standing by the water’s edge. These figures had to be no bigger than a foot or so tall. They were dressed with dark green looking outfits with brown clothes on. 

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. And soon realized these things were intelligent as well. The voices heard had to be them. These small humanoids seemed quite serious and one of them even let loose a whistle similar to that of a bird.

Even more shockingly was after one of them made this whistling sound, an entire group of them began to come from a nearby dead fallen tree.

Then the old man began to watch them as they gathered up things and walked down towards the side of the creek. They then disappeared not long after but walked in the opposite direction from where they came.

The old man said he looked for them without luck. They seemingly vanished away. The old man also said he went back later to look for them but didn’t find any traces of them ever again. All of this was most unusual and was something he would never forget. 

(Source: Paranormal Forum)

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