Indian Boy Worshiped As God Ganesha

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A child from Jalandhar, India known as Pranshu, is being worshiped as a god. He is now 8 years old and has a great outlook on life, despite his physical deformities. The upbeat child, blesses numerous people each day, as they seek his blessing. Parts of his head, resemble the Hindu god Ganesha. This god, appears to have the head of an elephant, along with the body of a human. The god is the son of Lord Siva and the Goddess Parvati.

A sacred and respected deity, Ganesha is mostly known as the remover of all obstacles. Often this god is prayed to, when someone wishes to start up a new business enterprise. Ganesha is most certainly one of the most well-known and respected deities within the Hindu pantheon.
Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during different writing sessions.

Hindu god Ganesha

Within the traditions and beliefs of India, Ganesha can manifest into various forms. The most popular version, is him displaying five different elephant heads. There are however other lesser known variations that are used as well. The earliest name used for Ganesha was Ekadanta which means (One Tusked).

Pranshu god child India

When people meet up with young Pranshu, they are impressed and in awe of his deformed appearance. When asked about his condition, Pranshu said, “My head and eyes are large in size. I look like Ganesh Ji (Hindu God) and people come up to me and I bless them.”

Pranshu worshiped as Indian God Ganesha

Many believe that when they meet up with Pranshu, they are paying tribute to Ganesha the Hindu god of beginnings and remover of all obstacles. It is a special experience for them it seems.

Even Pranshu’s own father calls him by the name Ganesha out of respect. His father went on to say, that when his son wanders down the street by bike or crouch walking, people come up to him saying, “Hail, Lord Ganesha , hail.” People receive his blessings by touch or by bowing down to him.

People seem to feel happy after meeting Pranshu for the first time. With his blessings, a sense of satisfaction and awareness surrounds them. These people feel, like their eyes and hearts have been opened to way better things in their lives. Nowadays, Pranshu sits outside his local mosque so those wandering by can pray or meet him.

While it seems far fetched, many people’s dreams have actually come true after they have met Pranshu even only once. Perhaps this young man, has a connection to something far more than we can ever understand in our lifetime. His deformed appearance remains a mystery to doctors.

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