Unknown Dumpster Creature Seen In Neighborhood Area

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Unable to identify what exactly this thing was, someone witnessed some kind of creature in their neighborhood. They believe it isn’t human but something else entirely.

In their neighborhood, they suspect that this creature lives somewhere around the lake area where they live. Around this location is a forest and is likely somewhat remote. 

Certainly, this could be some kind of animal rummaging through trash, looking for something to eat but it might well be another “something” yet to be known.

As they spoke about this to others and later posted this information online, they didn’t want to come across as being insane. However, anytime people cannot see things for themselves they most often become skeptical about it. 

Whatever this was, it scared them and when they go outside now they often are looking twice at what is around them. This anonymous person also commented saying this thing scared the living hell out of them.

This allegedly happened at night and it was quite dark outside. They wandered over to their back gate to the nearby trash compactor and as they were taking out the trash, they were startled.

dumpster at night
Image by: Monica Garcia

This person said they glanced over to see a funky looking silhouette over by the trash compactor door. This creature was hunched over in its stance and they believed it was looking for something to eat. Maybe the trash just fancied its curiosity. 

After walking over towards this creature they then noticed how its back looked. The spine was raised upward along with it having tightened skin. Notably, this thing had some nasty looking scars on it along with boils. Bedazzled, they just stood there in awe. Moments later they said it jumped or leaped up into the air. It appeared to be taller than 6’feet. 

This unidentified creature appeared to have sunken eyes along with several fangs and tusks coming from its mouth area. This thing had a long, slimy, black looking tongue as well. Apparently, they got enough of a glance to notice this thing having a gash over top of its head. Dark red stains also cover its mouth and nose area. 

Whatever overcame them, they then glanced downward before wandering away. It also creep ed them out to see this creature was holding a dead raccoon in its grasp. The dead animal was badly damaged from its tightened grip and was nothing more than a lumpy pulp leftover, mostly just a head was seen. 

Things got weirder, as the creature appeared to stare them down. It felt like an eternity to them as the creature jumped above the dumpster without much effort.

To them, this thing wasn’t a threat to humans per say but it isn’t something to hang around with either. This person also commented by saying they sometimes go out to eat by the lake nearby. It isn’t known exactly where this took place, but it was somewhere in the southeastern part of the United States.

(Source: Reddit)

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