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Alice Ray: The Ghost Who Searches For Her Lost Baby

Her name is Alice Ray, she was destined to damnation within this world. She was a striking young Irish girl, with hopes and dreams. Upon boarding a ship as a bondservant, she wanted to escape famine and hardship. Instead, her woes all but continued.  It is thought young Alice was around 15 years old when

Doorbell Camera Captures Floating Apparition Near Garage

Whatever this thing was, it looked comparable to what most people consider being a ghost. This apparition seems to only last for a few moments before dissipating to another nearby car. The location where this recording took place was in Valdosta, Georgia. It happened on February 20 this year at 10:45 PM.  Things like this

Georgia Woman Was Believed To Be A Werewolf

Back in the mid-1800’s, a woman named Emily Isabella Burt, was suspected to be a werewolf. She allegedly terrorized rural parts of Georgia. Emily was a well reserved child and grew up in an area known as Pleasant Hill near Talbotton. The Burt family, came from a predominantly wealthy family. Her shy nature, led some

Miracle Bible Continues Dripping Oil

Some say this is a nothing short of a miracle, while others are downright dubious. A unique Bible, continues to spew out an unidentified oil tested by a chemist who couldn’t explain the substance. It is totally colorless and odorless and according to them. Jerry is the man who possesses this biblical book. He first