Paranormal investigator lures and records black eyed child to his home

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Black eyed kid caught on camera

While most people would never think to do something such as this, a man (a paranormal investigator) decided he wanted to capture a black eyed child on camera. As it turns out, he did. Using a specific frequency, he was able to lure a black eyed child enough to get a photo of them coming to his doorstep. It is terrifying to think what something like this could do to someone. Many people have read reports about the black eyed children, some of these stories are indeed rather disturbing.

paranormal investigator lures black eyed child to his home

Why anyone would ever do such a thing like this intentionally, is beyond rational thinking. There are certain forces that are best not to be messed with. Some people are such thrill seekers, they will stop at nearly nothing—to have trouble find them. Obsessed with the truth, this man wants to know what the black eyed children are all about and if they have any actual powers.

Suspected to be something otherworldly, these creatures have been in question to whether or not they are legitimately from another realm, place or time. What exactly they are doing here, is one of many questions people want to know the truth of. Further exploring the details from 3-D compositing, the videos and photos of the alleged black eyed children, do raise many questions.

black eyed kid lured to home

Most often, these black eyed children—have been reported about while traveling within a pack together. It is believed these black eyed children, have their own specific language used to communicate with one another. If they are able to communicate so well, this would help explain how they are able to ambush people.

Believed to harness static electricity, the black eyed children are able to use this to their advantage somehow. Are they able to shock or trick people into what they are seeing, much like an illusion? This video goes on into detail, about matching frequencies and how from different moments in time, the sounds seem to be quite comparable.

black eyed kid lured and recorded at home

After listening and examining these frequencies, he decides to communicate with the black eyed children. The location where this took place is unknown, only that it had taken place during the nighttime. Again, this seems to be the time of day, when they have been reported about overall.
Each night, he has his laptop set to record on an external hard drive. An audio loop was set to play over and over again in attempt to lure black eyed children to his doorstep.

He decided to keep the lighting outside his home to a bare minimum—as perhaps brighter lighting may scare them away. When he checked the playback of the video recording, whatever this thing was—stood there at his door for over an hour. As one can imagine, this would certainly freak anyone out. This apparently took place somewhere in the United States and is one of the clearest videos ever seen of a black eyed child.

“For a long time now I’ve believed that they must have a language all their own.

“I was finally able to isolate a low-frequency signal that appeared in the background of tonnes of my evidence.

“I played the frequency every night for a week, eventually succeeding in my efforts to lure a black eyed kid into my camera trap.”

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