Human replication is now ready

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With progress comes responsibility and it seems that the worlds largest cloning facility is now ready to begin replicating human beings. This will certainly change the entire existence of mankind. However, some breakthroughs can indeed help, such as cloning particular organs in the body. It makes sense, since the persons own DNA will be used to help themselves in the long run.

With this new breakthrough, what will future people be like? Perhaps people can live onward, far beyond what was imaginable. The thing is, you can’t take someones memories with them or can you? This begs for morality and what should be done. Make no mistake, that somewhere secret operations have already started and what the public doesn’t know can’t yet hurt them. How much progress these experiments have accomplishing is rather astounding to think about.

Futurist keynote speaker Patrick Dixon mentioned many arguments against human cloning. Babies born through cloning, may have additional health risks from the mutation of their genes. But perhaps they will ultimately not become disfigured Frankenstein monsters after all. It is anyone’s best guess. The first wave of the cloning has been done with fruits and vegetables, followed by cattle for beef consumption in high populated areas like China. Until the process is completely perfected, there will continue to be a risk of cloning humans and other things.

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Other things to look at would be emotional risks which may be involved when the cloned child continues to get older. How will they be and act? Another x-factor, would be the use of military operations wanting to use this for warfare. Most people are against the idea of cloning all together, it isn’t the natural order of how things should be. People are perhaps playing god in their own eyes.

Chief scientist Xu Xiaochun said they are now ready for human cloning. What is holding back the process are ethical reasons which would create public outcry about it. Things such as bananas and strawberries, have already been cloned and used as a part of our everyday life. The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation and Chinese Academy of Sciences will work together with Boyalife for the human cloning project.

The two companies have been working together to clone primates such as monkeys which further progressed human cloning research. After all, they are one of the closest species to humans in the animal kingdom. From all the research done and experiments, scientist Xu Xiaochun is hoping for perception to change about humans being cloned. They also mention different choices will be made available including three genetic choices: from mom and dad, all from mom or all from dad.


With this newfound ability, it would give same-sex couples the chance to create a child from their DNA. From this, they would no longer have to adopt or undergo any kind of surrogate pregnancy. Human beings are complicated, the desire to reproduce is there and to leave behind a legacy in the world. What if this legacy would no longer be vulnerable to many or not all diseases?

There are other ethical questions which come to mind such as when someone dies, do you clone them so they return to life? This changes everything for the existence of people. The offshoot from this will be underground black market style things happening when the technology falls into the wrong hands.

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(Source: Gabrielle Pickard and Disclose TV)

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