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Miracle Bible Continues Dripping Oil

Some say this is a nothing short of a miracle, while others are downright dubious. A unique Bible, continues to spew out an unidentified oil tested by a chemist who couldn’t explain the substance. It is totally colorless and odorless and according to them. Jerry is the man who possesses this biblical book. He first

Man Spends $200,000 Dollars To Resemble Jesus Christ

While we all have our faith in God or other religious beliefs, things ultimately are the same there is worship of a divine one the creator of everything. A 30 year old man named Mark Emery from Lexington, Kentucky decided to undergo radical plastic surgery, in order to physically resemble Jesus Christ. Many think he

Young Ecuador woman died witnessing celebrities burning in Hell

While this is quite an incredible concept to imagine, an 18 year old woman from Ecuador makes mention of her nightmarish afterlife experience. Her name is Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora and according to her, she was taken by Jesus Christ to tour through both Heaven and Hell. While she was in Hell, she witnessed the

Several angels recorded flying over Boa Vista, Brazil

Floating around on the internet, is a video of several angels flying high in the skies. The location of the footage was taken at Boa Vista, Brazil. The original video, was uploaded on February 15th back in 2014. Supposedly, the video was entirely created digitally. However, there are some who believe the “digital creation” was

Boys near death experience exposes hidden alien demon agenda

Many people believe that aliens exist. However, what if the aliens were in fact demons in disguise? This is what one young boy told his mother, before passing away once he reached 13 years old. The boy talked about Earth’s ultimate future, he mentioned that a world war will wage first between mankind. His mother