UFO flies over Cartagena, Colombia

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UFO over Cartagenda

Perhaps one of the most impressive sightings of a UFO has been discovered recently—when a rather large spacecraft of some sort hovered over top of Cartagena, Colombia on June 30th, 2016. UFO hunters praise this as nothing but amazement. However, skeptics dismiss it as nothing more than a natural fluke being an atmospheric phenomenon known as a lenticular cloud (a rather rare cloud).

These extraordinary clouds form in the troposphere. Their alignment is with the wind normally and have 90 degree angle to them. Many people think that these clouds are concealing something else entirely. Extraterrestrial lifeforms are believed to be within the flying vessel which hovers through the air.

One theory about this is that these clouds are simply being tinkered with by government secret agencies in attempt at some kind of weather control experiment. Known as cloak clouding, this technique attempts to hide things from plain view. One blogger admits that massive objects were not of natural atmospheric phenomenon.

Cloud over boat

The cloud shield stops the progress of video which was uploaded. People believe what they want. More often that not, things are skewed a certain way by the media for us to look at things differently. There were thousands of eyewitnesses mentioning it looked unlike anything else that had seen before.

Indeed there is something rather strange happening around the world. We are certainly being observed by something extraordinary. Whether or not these strange spacecrafts are friendly is another story.

The lighting is in question, is this simply sunlight shining through the cloud? Or, is it something else entirely trying to hide itself from view? One other question, is why isn’t the light shining completely through the cloud mass in the middle of it? The light seems to be coming from the middle of the cloud mass.

Cristian David Martinez is the man who captured this strange UFO cloud in the sky. The odd shaped cloud remained in the sky for hours. This is one of several mother ships which have been seen in recent times.


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