The Croglin Grange vampire mystery

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The origination of vampires dates back many years ago, people told stories about these blood sucking fiends sitting around the campfires. They have become a part of pop culture and some people even believe that they are Nosferatu.

One of the earlier reported encounters with a vampire dates back to the early 1650’s just after the English Civil War. A family (with the surname Fisher) lived in the southern part of England. They were staying at a remote farmstead. They rented the place there. One sister lived there with her two brothers.


The sisters name was Cranswell. She was a fetching lady and certainly got attention. During the summer, this area became particularly warm. It was customary to keep the windows open hoping to get any type of wind drifts into these one level type homes. The structure stood with a chapel, not far was a small graveyard. Previously, this property belonged to the Howard family. They owned most everything in this area.

It was late in the evening, the two brothers sat with their sister gazing upon the stars, the moon was full. After a long day they went to retire for the evening. Their sister went to bed, she was scantily clad from the hot summer air.

After closing the door she elected to not close the shutters. Her head gently touched the pillow as she closed her eyes this long summer day had come to its conclusion. In Cumbria, where they lived the midsummer does not get dark between sunset and sunrise from being so far north. Light then struck her face and it was enough to wake her. She noticed several lights coming from the nearby house which separated the lawn from the small graveyard nearby.

Although it was difficult to see, the silhouette of a shadowy figure seemed to move closer to her window. Cranswell was so scared she couldn’t get any closer to the window. She watched as a long bony hand opened the window catch.

croglin grange vampire

This certainly frightened her, suddenly this thing was swiftly sucking the blood from her neck. She fell to the floor overwhelmed and screamed in terror. Both brother came to her aid after they battered down the door.

They both looked upon this mysterious creature after lunging towards it. This thing fled back into the shadows after going through the window. One brother chased after this thing into the night. It was far too fast to catch. Whatever this thing was, it nearly killed their sister as she lost quite a bit of blood. This is considered to be one of the first stories of an actual vampire encounter.

The origination of this story dates back to the 1890’s first written by Augustine Hare titled: “Story of My Life”. The Vampire of Croglin Grange

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