Shadowy Demonic Orbs, Haunt My Very Soul

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A teenage girl named Britney crossed paths with something supernatural. It happened to her back in January of 2012. These encounters took place over time, lasting for around several months. Britney said, she witnessed strange black figures floating around her room. Her best description about them, seems to resemble circular type spheres. These round shapes, have only been seen by her one at a time she said.

These shapes are fast and Britney said she could only see them for only a few seconds at a time. At first, she thought she was seeing things, that simply were not there. Most times when she would see these things, it would be out of the corner of her eyes. She felt like they were surrounding her from every different direction.

Often she said, she dreamed about demonic type figures that were trying to consume her very soul. She would wake up at times yelling out “No!”. When these moments happened, she felt weak…as if all of her energy had been drained from her body. Her very dreams, seemed quite real to her.

Demons haunt my very soul supernatural

After feeling trapped, she wanted to get away but could not. Perhaps this was some sort of sleep paralysis happening to her. Maybe even, time seemed to slip away from her during these monthly encounters. Britney said…she had not heard back from a friend, in what seemed to her to be many days that simply passed by. Had she not been conscious for days? These shadowy demonic orbs, may have possessed her at times.

Britney said, she felt like her very life had been sucked away, often crippling her very existence. She is unsure of how to fight back against whatever these things are. To her, they feel very dark like something from another time and place. They aren’t something good, these are bad things entering her life.

There are different theories about what had happened to Britney. One of them, might be her trying to reconnect with herself in a spiritual sense. If these were demonic dark forces of some kind, then they may feed off fear, depression, anxiety and anger.

What Britney dealt with is comparable to events in Greek history. These were known as the act of Erebus. This god was believed to personify darkness. An example of this mentions Hesiod’s Theogony, he was thought to be one of the first first five beings in existence, born of Chaos. The definition of Erebus is the place of darkness within the underworld the pathway to Hades itself.

Gateway to Hell Hades

Britney said, she never believed these things to be demons of any kind. However, she mentioned that she did have dreams about demons. She also has seen these black shadowy orbs, when she was awake as well. She stated that she wasn’t sleep deprived and wasn’t hallucinating.

It is unknown what has since happened to her, but she initially reached out for help online. Britney said she continues to see these orbs, yet still doesn’t know what exactly they are. Speculation is, these orbs were/are trying to possess her for whatever reason. Whatever Britney witnessed, she hopefully never touched any of these orbs.

One Wiccan person said, This is probably a fallen soul, trying to latch onto you to feed. You are being used as a host, don’t be afraid, consider this to be a friend or a companion. Most importantly, remember to stay friendly towards them.

(Source: All Supernatural)

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