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Lady Records Darkened Manifestation By Her Hallway Door

While it’s difficult to see much detail, a lady managed to capture something most unusual peering out from one of the rooms of her home. Her dogs even seem to be alert to something manifesting at that very moment, as seen in the video.

Lady Records Darkened Manifestation By Her Hallway Door

What exactly was this thing captured on video? People think it’s some kind of spirit but it likely is something else. She was watching television when all of this happened and recorded it on her camera phone. 

The video is a short clip but she pans around the room momentarily before “something” emerges from the darkness. It would seem that she was recording a video update to be posted on social media afterward. 

Several strange things about this video includes how calm the dogs are. Was this merely someone dressed in a costume peeking out the door? The dogs don’t seem to be upset but as with many animals they can be unpredictable during many moments.

The mystery figure seems fairly tall and kind of oval shaped. One of her dogs seems to be more interested than the other two seen. It is unknown if there was another dog as well. The dog interested seems to jump up and approach the hallway closer. 

As the woman looked over, she then managed to see this blackened figure appear. Whatever it was, it only seems to last for a few moments before vanishing off into the dark again.

This black silhouette is rather puzzling and out of the ordinary for sure. If this wasn’t someone dressed in costume then it was an accidental type recording. 

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If it was some kind of supernatural type creature, then it might have been something more demonic by nature. Many spirits are more translucent, this thing seemed to be more materialized comparably.

Why this thing appeared before her is anyone’s best guess. Most certainly, this is one night she will never forget.  It is unknown where this happened, but somewhere in North America. 

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