Bone Chilling Roars Heard In Remote Parts Of Oregon

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This encounter scared several brothers and their friends while they were out in a remote part of Oregon. The exact location is unknown but for sure this experience is something they were going to talk about the rest of their days. As the two brothers wandered along a bike trail with their friends, they soon heard what sounded like a shrilling scream that made them become scared out of their minds. 

It seemed to happen quite quickly as they set forth along this bike trail. This sound was unlike anything else they had ever heard before. It was like something out of a horror movie. At first, the scary noise seemed to be a distance away from them. However, as they continued to wander, this noise was heard again only this time it was far closer. Confused and bewildered they kept going even though the trail is not one they are familiar with. 

As it turns out, they misjudged how long this hike was going to last. The evening set in and the nighttime sky began to turn darker. Fortunately for them, they did bring their phones and used the light to see a bit better along the path. There were several girls with them and they didn’t want to scare them anymore than they already appeared to be. 

All of their footsteps picked up pace fast as they began to jog down the path back towards the parking lot. Whatever was near them seemed to be gaining ground rather fast. They guessed it was some kind of bipedal creature of some sort. Was it part bird or something else? They had no idea really but they wanted nothing more than to leave in one piece. 

Image by Harmony Lawrence from Pixabay

From their estimation, it took them about 20 minutes to get back to their car. But at some point all of them completely freaked out and what was once a jog soon turned to a sprint. All of them did manage to make it back to the car. They turned on the high beams and scanned the treeline. There wasn’t anything there that they could see. However, they believed that something was hunting them. 

Their imaginations ran wild as it could have been something unknown entirely, something more paranormal perhaps. With encounters such as these, it is difficult due to the lack of evidence but when multiple witnesses begin to confirm things, it makes you wonder what really went on. 

Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

Previously, there have been reports of other strange noises heard in the wilderness of Oregon dating back to the year 2016. One location known as Forest Grove had multiple reported incidents.

From what is understood, there were noises that sounded like “giant flutes playing off pitch”. Other sounds were best described as being car brakes or steam whistles of some sort. According to NBC News, a sound was described as being “akin to a bad one-note violin solo broadcast over a microphone with nonstop feedback”. 

Each time, these sounds last between 10 seconds to several minutes long. During this time, the fire department of Forest Grove didn’t consider this to be any kind of safety risk. One road known as Gales Creek Road, had multiple people come forward mentioning odd noises being heard.

Approximately 200 different calls were made to the Forest Grove Police Department according to Captain Mike Herb. People said the sounds were either frogs, aliens or Bigfoot. To date, nobody knows what really happened but there may have been multiple creatures responsible for these noises. Now, the area is known for its unusual activity. Maybe it still happens but this is speculation for now.

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