Miracle Bible Continues Dripping Oil

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Some say this is a nothing short of a miracle, while others are downright dubious. A unique Bible, continues to spew out an unidentified oil tested by a chemist who couldn’t explain the substance. It is totally colorless and odorless and according to them.

Chemist report mystery Bible oil Georgia

Jerry is the man who possesses this biblical book. He first kept it in a plastic zip bag…before later moving it to a larger-sized container.

Many wonder what this oil is and why it continues to ooze from this Bible. The oil is not magical by one perspective but essentially is the “Oil of His Presence”. From the scripture, this is like The Lord Thy God, leading the Israelites in the wilderness with a cloud by day and fire by night. (Exodus: 13) The Lord is leading us to Him.

God has told us His oil, His presence and His Power are inside all believers, from His Holy Spirit (John 14:25-26 – Colossi ans 2). These miracles come from Jesus and His mercy, love, presence and power!

Bible dripping with oil

Remarkably, this Bible started emitting oil from the book of Genesis – until it spread across the entire Bible. Even the words highlighted with different inked marker colors, have not yet bled across the pages printed.

There have been numerous reports of people using this oil, who have recovered from different ailments. Some of these include a person recovering from a severe esophageal disease, someone fighting off kidney failure, cancer recovery, broken bones being mended and more.

After using the oil, a 67 year old man named Larry Wyatt was deeply troubled. He was full of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness. Larry was later visited inside the ICU at the hospital by family and friends. He went from being a disbeliever to finding salvation in The Lord. Not long after being blessed by the oil with a paper towel, Larry later recovered.

The Bible isn’t the only oil dripping happening, located in the back of a small gift shop in Dalton, Georgia is a prayer room. Over the last several years, people have come here to gather and pray for their city, region, and one other. There has been different reports of oil dripping from the walls here. There certainly seems to be some kind of supernatural type activity happening in this place.

Oil on Hands Bible

Jerry said that God spoke to him and said as long as he doesn’t sell the oil, it will continue to flow freely. He continues to give away the mysterious oil in vials to those who sincerely need it. He also invites people to dip their hands in the oil if they wish to do so.

One person said, after dipping their hands into the oil, it continued to multiply on their hands. It is believed all of this is related to healing gifting. When we see things like this happening, we quickly try to justify it. Perhaps this really is some kind of divine miracle happening. It really makes one wonder.

(Source: Shelemah and His Name Is Flowing Oil)

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