Kendall Rae gets attacked by a spirit in her sleep

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Her name is Kendall Rae she is a YouTuber and experienced something rather strange. It seems she witnessed momentarily a spirit of sorts. Her initial reaction was that this spirit was her late grandfather but perhaps it was something else as it seemingly scratched her on her chest. The video was uploaded on September 15th, 2016. This happened to her fairly recently.

Often people speculate about spirits and the unknown. There are trapped spirits which desperately want to move onto their next realm of existence. Some think that these people are then reincarnated into someone or something else. Nobody knows for sure until ultimately we have passed on ourselves into the afterlife.


Kendall’s cat appears to be interested in the headboard area of her bed. Suspected that animals can see things which we simply cannot Kendall thinks the cat witnessed something strange on May the 9th, 2016. Josh holds their cat while they investigate the strange reaction it seems to have in the room.


As the old saying goes, we are all actors playing our parts upon this worldly stage. Later Kendall noticed scratch markings on her. What if this spirit was trying to give her a message. From the scratches on her body, it seems this message was something violent but maybe whatever it was, wanted to warn her about something in her life or about someone.


The scratches on her chest were 5 in a pattern of sorts. At first she suspected it may have been one her cats. However, these marks looked like they were made by something more humanoid. Interesting enough various paranormal markings can have different meanings.

For example three scratches may be interpreted as that of a demonic art, they are considered to be a mockery of the Holy Trinity according to one investigator. The Holy Trinity includes God the father, the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. According to Catholicism, ghosts do not scratch but demons do. Kendall had pulled off her fake nails which is quite uncomfortable to do and tried to replicate the scratch marks on her body (wondering if she did this to herself in her sleep).


Maybe whatever this thing is could be something else entirely. Three of our five fingers are the strongest digits on our hands. For example when you pickup something the index finger, middle and ring finger are used more. The thumb and pinkie are the weaker digits.

Later, she experienced a dream on Sunday night and recalls a glowing thing attacking her. She claims to be a light sleeper and doesn’t sleep talk or walk. Kendall mentioned that she has said some things in her sleep or briefly waking up. This dream has some significance to it as it has never happened to her until now.


Kendall is a candid person as she comes across on her YouTube video channel. She is relate able and personable. This video doesn’t seem to be something to get more likes or views, it is her being sincere and trying to explain what happened to her. Sure some people are always suspected to be setting up a hoax for attention but perhaps this time around it was something rather sinister. Let’s hope she is okay and this spirit or demonic force leaves her alone so she can get a good nights sleep. HERE is Kendall’s YouTube channel.


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