Bizarre secret messages hidden in Google Translator

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Is there some sort of hidden code in plain sight, while using Google translate? Many are now wondering, why they are seeing hidden messages displaying – while trying to translate from Somali to English.

There are specific key letters used, to type out in sequence. After doing this, strange phrases begin to display. These letters are: “pe pe pe pe pe”. Simply typing “pe” will begin these series of random words. Some of them make no sense, while others are downright creepy.

secret messages Google translate pe pe pe pe

Some believe, that all of this is someone trying to convey a message to the masses. Why this continues to happen, has people scratching their heads over it. Is there someone working at Google, who is playing a practical joke to everyone or do these messages have a more meaningful meaning?

People are getting different results from doing this. One person mentioned that they read a message about all the people of the world, abandoning their idols, to worship Israel and garner favor with “The Creator.”

Other responses include, people all over the world, lifting their eyes up, worshiping idols, worshiping Israel, worshiping all over the world! Another person received the message “The people who live in the Pagan world.”

Google translate

While typing in Google Translate and picking Somali to English, people are mentioning that the program is asking them to translate from Romanian. After this, they still continue to type “pe” into the Somali box to translate to English getting a variety of different results.

All of this does seem rather odd, it makes one wonder just who found out about all of this. Who sits at their computer typing “pe” over and over again from Somali to English? One theory is that this may well be some sort of viral campaign by initiated by Google themselves. More results include:

“I now feel like a person of Israel.

My eyes have lifted.

We were welcomed, from peak to peak.

The people of Israel are from all nations.

The people of Israel are from all ethnic groups.

It is now my duty to honor and celebrate the people of Israel.

Thank you for bringing this fate to my attention.”

Whatever it is, it may be a story about Ramadan, here’s where one person stopped:

“It was a great opportunity for people to worship. It was a great opportunity for people to enjoy their time. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered around the city. People from all walks of life worshiped, and worshiped. From the time of Noah’s people, the people of Israel came to their house, to celebrate the birth of the people of the world, to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.”

Perhaps more will come to pass about all of this. Certainly, it is a strange phenomenon happening online right now.

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