Raggedy Ann Doll Sends Shivers From Scotland

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Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls have been around for years. This one seen in the video, looks no different, except it seems to move its left arm while being recorded on camera. The location this happened in, is a charity shop in Anstruther, Scotland.

It is here, where people donate goods to further raise money, for those who cannot afford the prices of items found in other stores. People are able to buy from this shop, at discount prices as well.

Real Annabelle doll on display

What makes this doll unusual and interesting, is its resemblance to that of the real Annabelle Doll. The Annabelle Doll, has since inspired several movies to be made about it. This Raggedy Ann Doll, seems to be possessed by some kind of demonic type force or ghostly spirit.

Allegedly, this doll was found inside a large bag, that had a number of old toys with it. It came from a house, that was emptied out before being sold later. After this doll was prepared to be sold, the sales manager of the shop noticed strange occurrences when he sat the doll on the floor.

Haunted doll caught on camera Scotland

The manager played back the incredible video footage and watched as the doll seemed to move by itself. Whatever took possession of it, may not be something evil per say. It might have been the spirit of a young child, who simply wanted to play again even for a brief moment. Spirits can sometimes linger within our world and this is no exception.

Certainly, there are many pranks played by people, but the general feeling about this is legit.
Those who doubt this, mention there being a string or wire used, facing away from the camera point of view. It would make manipulating this, far easier from this camera perspective.

The manager of the shop, mentioned that after they prepared the doll, they placed her on the floor with her knees facing downward. When the manager returned, he said that the arms were at her sides. He then decided to take a photograph of it. After this, they were able to compare what was seen in the photograph. About 10 minutes passed, the doll had moved its arms again.

The manager also said, that anyone who had touched the doll, felt uneasy and sick. At the end of the day on June 21st, they went over and recorded this remarkable video. People can think what they want about this, yet it is an amazing capture if it is actually real. This video was posted on The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 YouTube channel seen below. However, the video was first posted by killerscott666. (They are the manager of the charity shop)

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