Trail biker captures dog-monkey creature on his GoPro

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dog monkey

Not much is known about this video, which shows a monkey or “dog monkey” as some people are claiming it to be. The video was shared by someones Hungarian friend. As they were riding their bike down a pathway, they had a GoPro camera strapped to the top their head.

dog monkey creature GoPro in Hungry

Seen 35 seconds into the video, a monkey looking creature—drops down rather quickly on the left side of the screen. Briefly, a noise is heard that resembles that of a dog whimpering. This might be the reason, people are claiming it to be some kind of hybrid animal experiment gone wrong.

Did this creature whatever it may be, escape from some sort of remote experimental physicality somewhere? While it is far fetched, it isn’t ruled out just yet. The small pathway seen on the video, runs adjacently to a small village in this location. The exact location hasn’t been revealed yet, but it is assumed to be in a fairly remote area.

dog monkey fallen

The guy who recorded this is named György Mohl, he was out initially recording another video for his YouTube channel. He enjoys mountain biking, adventure and being out in nature. György mentioned that monkeys are not known to dwell in this particular area. So, it was quite a surprise to see this monkey looking creature appear seemingly out of nowhere. György said that he just wanted to capture more footage for his channel on that day.

György said:

“There is a small path at the side of the village, and I just wanted to have some footage of it for my future bike videos. It all went well (actually, it was just the test ride), but something jumped down from the wall at the end. I noticed it a bit earlier than it’s visible on the video, so I had a little more time to react and avoid crash (I’m not sure but I think it even touched the rear end of my bike)

There are gardens on both sides, so I didn’t care about it too much, I thought it was a dog (though it was a really scary moment :D). However, now that I watched the footage, it somehow looked a bit strange. I’m not really good at recognizing animals, this is why I’m uploading it, hopefully someone knows them better (didn’t even cut the record, maybe this way it’ll stay in good quality after uploading.)

It was really silent, I barely heard its landing. It either ran back down to the channel, or climbed up the wall, so i couldn’t see it again. (I heard some noise far from the bushes, but I’m not sure if that came from it.

Anyways, I’ll try finding more info of it from the neighbors or anywhere I can, will post if I find anything.”

Most everyone who has seen this video, are saying its a monkey but a few still believe otherwise. The country of Hungry has a population of nearly 10 million people, perhaps someone else knows something about this.

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