Virgin Mary Statue Seen Moving On Video

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Believed to be a miracle or deception, this video appears to show The Lady of Fátima moving. The exact location is unknown, yet this statue displays movement seen in this eerily creepy video.

The Lady of Fátima statue in church

The Lady of Fátima, is the Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary, based on the famous Marian apparitions. These apparitions were documented back in 1917, by three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal.

Some believe, there is no movement seen by the statue and it is just the camera moving back and forth. The quality isn’t very good either, which leads to this being suspicious at best. There is something quite subtle about this, that makes it questionable however.

The video was published on the Strange Videos channel on August 30th of 2016. It has since racked up some views, as people have ever since tried to make sense out of it.

The appearance of this statue, seems haunted by something. Is it possible that this statue was possessed by some sort of force of good or evil? One comment made, mentions an app that exists to make things come alive known as FxGuru: Movie FX Director. Perhaps this was used but it isn’t known yet either.

The first moment of movement appears at 0:03, then seems to continue on and off throughout the length of the entire video. The movements include her opening her eyes, mouth and her head swaying back and forth ever so slightly. The statue is enclosed by a glass case and seems to be located high up, towards the right side of the church cathedral.

Statues are known to be vessels for miracles and communication by a higher power around the world. People travel far and wide to catch a glimpse of these types of occurances. Some believe that Satan itself, is responsible for these types of sightings. All of this, is a kind of immaculate deception, used to lure those away from The Lord Thy God.

Due to the low video quality, it makes this difficult to believe. In the final few seconds of the video the statue’s mouth does seem to be moving. It is as if she was trying to speak or say something. How old this video footage is, isn’t known. Until a video has been captured more clearly with modern technology, it will remain dubious at best. The thought of this is an interesting one however.

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