Strange space ball spheres are tumbling to Earth

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Space balls found

There are a number of highly unusual spheres which continue to fall to Earth. They have been found in various locations and examined by scientists and specialists. So far, people are perplexed at what they might be.

Speculation is, these are from another species in outer space. Perhaps they are remnants or leftovers of some kind. They have simply been given the name space balls from their circular appearance. Men wearing hazmat suits, came to further examine these spheres found outside of Murcia, Spain.

Spheres fallen to Earth

The countryside here so far, has seen three different bizarre balls. The first one was discovered on Tuesday, November 3rd back in 2015. The next was found in a place called Villavieja. Later, another was found in Elda. Several shepherds spotted the first sphere initially.

The size of these things reportedly are around 3.2 feet in diameter, weighing in at around 44 pounds. When the first object was discovered, the Civil Guard initiated a CBRN protocol. This precautionary reaction is for exposure to anything that might be deemed hazardous.

Space balls in Spain

When agents arrived on the scene, it was reported that the objects were not explosive or radioactive. However, they did use caution as the objects were then transported away from each location.

Someone from the Alicante police said: “It looks like a piece from an aerospace vehicle, but not a commercial plane. It could be a piece of satellite or something similar,” according to The Express.

The citizens living here and in nearby areas, have expressed real concern at what might be happening here. People want answers to this unusual phenomena. Different questions go unanswered including “Where are these objects coming from? Why are they falling here precisely and will more of them fall?

When another one of these strange circular objects fall, will it be within a heavily populated area? Are these pieces being found, nothing more than fragments of space junk? Perhaps this is real enough to investigate further.

Apparently, another piece was found during November 13th of last year. Maybe more floating space junk will make its way to Earth soon. Speculation also points, to these being completely fake as no impact craters were found at each location site. One can argue, that just because no crater was found at the crash site—doesn’t mean it wasn’t from outer space after all. These spheres are extremely hard, if not impossible to burn or cut.

Damaged spheres from space

(More of these type of space balls, have been found in both Vietnam, Namibia, Africa and Mexico)

Vietnam sphere found

Vietnamese soldiers inspect a metal ball which landed in the northern province of Tuyen Quang

Space debris falls to the ground at terminal velocity. For a sphere roughly one meter in diameter, the terminal velocity would have to be 9.4 meters per second, or 21 miles per hour. This would be enough to injure someone without leaving a crater behind. Maybe more news of this will come forward soon – as different spheres have been reported about.

(Source: IFL Science)

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