The woman from a parallel universe

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People often feel like they don’t belong or something seems way off—about where they are and what they are doing. This is true for many people, as no one truly knows what is in the afterlife, until their time is up, upon this existence. A woman with the name Lerina Garcia Gordo, posted a comment back on July 16th, 2008. She is a Spanish woman, who made claims that she has awakened within a parallel universe.

The possibility of this, is both bizarre and astounding to think about. But perhaps like most things, there is a chance it could be real. Lerina Garcia Gordo is 42 years old now and has awakened to a world which is unfamiliar to her. There are relatively small inconsistencies…that she took notice of, which makes her think she is living in an alternate reality of sorts.

Lerina Garcia Gordo

One of the first things that she noticed, was the color of the sheets on her bed. They were completely different to her. There was no logical explanation about this, Lerina was confused at first and didn’t think much of this initially. She works in an office, where she has been employed for the last 20 or so years.

The next thing that she scratched her head over, was where her car was from the night before. It was parked in the same spot, that she drives down as part of her usual route. (Lerina lives in an apartment complex) When Lerina arrived at work, she was greeted by people she had never met before. She simply couldn’t remember meeting any of these people before, in her life that she remembers.

This seemed off to her, but the most eye opening thing was when she reached her office. On the desk, was a different name tag and another persons name was on it. She was beginning to freak out at this point.

After this, she started to believe that she arrived on the wrong floor of the building. She wandered around and noticed that this was indeed the right floor. Her mind raced, as she then wondered if she had been fired for some reason.

This would be a logical explanation to all of this. But this wasn’t the case at all. She was a faithful worker and was puzzled why she would be fired from the job anyway. When Lerina checked her laptop computer, she connected to the company’s wireless network. She discovered, that she was in fact still on the list of employees.

However, she was under a different manager entirely. Panicked from this point onward, Lerina checked her driver’s license, credit cards and issued worker ID. Everything matched up as far as she could tell. The same name, pictures and numbers were correct including the home address.

Lerina decided to call in sick, so she could collect her thoughts about what was going on. She felt perhaps, she was coming down with some kind of illness. She went the doctor and they performed a series of tests on her. She was cleared of any drugs, or alcohol in her system.

She then double checked bank statements, personal checks and bills that she had previously paid. She then wondered, if she was suffering from some sort of amnesia or another memory loss disorder. Turning to the internet, she searched news stories, dates and places trying to figure out what was happening. As far as she could tell, she had awakened to an entirely different life.

Previously, Lerina was in a long term relationship with her boyfriend of 7 years. It had been 6 months since they ended their relationship. Recently, she began dating a man named Agustin—who lived just down the street from her. So far, both of them had been together for 4 months. They knew one another quite well and she was seemingly happy with him. When she called Agustin’s phone number, someone else answered. She was then told, that someone else was living where he was now. She couldn’t believe it.

This news simply shocked her. Lerina even met this mans son, who she began getting to know. Still there was no sign of her current boyfriend anywhere. Another day passed, as she found further inconsistencies about her life.

Trying to maintain her lifestyle, she went to work the next day pretending to fit in. Her search for Agustin and his son, turned up no answers as they seemingly never seemed to exist. Is all of this a hallucination? Lerina also thought she was experiencing some sort of nervous breakdown.

The next logical step was for her to see a psychiatrist and that is exactly what she did. After meeting with them and going through a series examinations, she was in both sound body and mind. Doctors spoke with her and stated that she may be experiencing stress.

Lerina knew otherwise, this was something else. Determined to find her boyfriend and his son, she hired a private investigator to scour the city and track them down. However, there were no signs of Agustin or his son anywhere.

Lerina’s family even believed something was off about her, perhaps she was slowly going insane for her inner madness. Lerina asked about her sisters shoulder surgery, yet the family looked at one another in absolute confusion. Her sister was fine and so was everyone else in her family.

Time passed by more and Lerina discovered many small but unnerving differences in her life. Things like clothing in her drawers she didn’t remember buying, blog posts she made days earlier, were simply gone. All of the emails and chats on her computer, were gone as well. After she browsed online, it seems like everything remained the same as it did—when she went to bed back on July 16th, 2008.

parallel worlds

Perhaps Lerina is from another time and place or she suffered extreme Mandela Effect type effects in her lifetime. The possibility of another world just like ours is a theory but hasn’t been ruled out yet.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

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