Oh What The Hell, Let’s Have Sex At The Bank

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A couple recently decided to have sex in front of a bank. This isn’t the first time people have had sex before getting money from ATM machines. People’s lust for money, seems to spark a sudden passionate moment for them as well.

Recently in Spain, a couple was captured by an onlookers cell phone, as they were having sex in front of a Santander Bank ATM machine. Perhaps they were bored or were waiting for the machine? Regardless, they couldn’t wait any longer.

Spanish couple has sex ATM machine

They literally got wrapped up in the heat of the moment. The man seen in the blurred video, is seen thrusting up and down with his female partner on the ground – meanwhile seen wearing a rucksack. The woman has her legs spread and skirt hiked up and the man is seen with his trousers down around by his ankles. The exact location of the video is unknown. People wandered by in disbelief and some of them disgusted.

Why are people getting down n’ dirty in the company of cold, hard cash dispensers? Desperate times call for desperate measures it seems. People nowadays, don’t seem to care about societies rules for everything. This can lead way to more dangerous things happening.

Just take a look at the news today, there is so much violence happening everywhere it seems. Plain and simple, people don’t care and they are losing “touch” with everything around them. Most of the time they are glancing at their phone, even as they walk across traffic.

Last year, another couple from Mexico, were caught on security camera…having sex by a row of ATM machines. This happened sometime in the evening. They couldn’t care less about anything else around them, until the moment was over. They even used one machine, to prop themselves up in their heated moment of passion.

Couple in Mexico having sex at ATM

Imagine going to the bank and seeing something like this. Out of curiosity and courtesy, one would have to wait until they were finished before getting money. Would this be considered down n’ dirty money?

Having sex in public, is trending more than ever as people are trying to spice up their sex lives it seems. It is part of life and natural but there is a time and place for everything. Having sex at a bank is bizarre by most people’s standards.

(Source: The Sun and Elite Daily)

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