Unexplained Dead Bride Road Footage Still Stumps Skeptics

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There are several things about this video that makes it rather questionable. First of all, the video was originally unlisted. Was this a setup production or did something supernatural really happen here? One can only wonder.

The strange thing is Diego Sierra uploaded this on his YouTube channel. The channel now seems to not list any videos, but they currently have 33 subscribers. The video in question is titled: “Ghost ride in the street!!!”

Later, Chills on YouTube, put together a compilation video entitled: “11 Videos Skeptics Can’t Explain”. He mentions that the video dates back to 2008, it is listed as number 9 out of 11. The video time coincides with this, as the listing shows the video being published back on Oct 18, 2008. 

The video allegedly is a found footage type video. There were 4 different men who were out one night. The exact location hasn’t been pinpointed yet, but it is assumed this took place somewhere in Columbia.

The video footage was recovered from an abandoned car somewhere. Whoever recovered it, didn’t share their name. 

As seen in the video, there appears to be what resembles a woman dressed in all white. She looks like a dead bride. It gives off an eerie impression to those who watch the video. The men are clearly freaked out by what they see ahead. It is something nobody would expect while driving. 

Was this video evidence of what is known as a roadside ghost? It is certainly a possibility. But was it someone merely dressed up in some kind of outfit instead?

Questions still remain what happened to these men as this was the only footage found. Did someone kill them such as a serial killer? Or, was this more of a paranormal type moment recorded? 

Roadside ghost found footage

Because the men were driving by, it makes seeing what was really there that much more difficult. The woman’s face looks distorted but that is from the veil over their face.

Either way, if this is fake then it comes across as being kind of creepy. Maybe it was just a prank being played. Still though, the men were never identified or found.

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