Haunted cabin story time with Loey Lane

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Loey Lane haunted cabin storytime

Her name is Loey Lane and she has a YouTube channel about various topics. She has shared some stories about her paranormal experiences as well. Recently, she mentioned her memories of a haunted cabin where she would go as a child. Her encounters have been shared with family, friends and fans.

The location where this happened, was in Michigan years ago. Loey is still haunted by what she had seen and wanted to tell her tale. The haunted cabin has existed for years in her family. She is not alone in her experiences, as there are many other moments—which have been documented regarding the paranormal and the unknown.

This particular cabin has been shared by her relatives for years. Sometimes the family would spend time with one another, on retreats back at the cabin her aunt and uncle own. Sometimes it is good to get back to nature. This cabin didn’t previously exist initially, as the land was purchased originally. The plot of land was purchased by her aunt and uncle.

Later, they decided to build this cabin on it. Simply known as “The Cabin”, this spot was/is special to her and her family. This location is quite isolated, so there is no cell service available. Most of these getaways lasted for around a week or more, during the warmer summer/spring seasons.

Loey Lane shares her haunted cabin story

For a while, no water or electricity was hooked up until later either. Loey refereed to this as glorified indoor camping. Her memories are fond of this location, running around as a child within the area. This place offered a getaway from the modern day world and its distractions.

Loey mentions how she was creep ed out sometimes being there as a child. A remote location can start to play tricks with ones mind. The surrounding area, is a vast wilderness—so, finding lost children would prove to be rather difficult. Adding to the chills, were the shrills of coyotes howling at night while everyone would sit around the campfire. Often the children would be sent to bed indoors where it was safer.

Apparently, this area is so remote, there was nobody around for miles. During the summer, the temperature remained cool as well around 60° degrees. Oddly enough, strange muffled sounds were heard and it was unknown where they were coming from. Inside the cabin, there is a staircase leading to another level upstairs.

The space is small, without much room. For a while, this was a dangerous setup as there was no railing and the children could easily fall out of the bed downstairs. Before this was fixed, Loey would sleep downstairs. In the middle of the night, often she would wake up with the feeling that she was being watched.

Loey mentions that during this time, she was a deep sleeper, yet she felt something was shaking her during the night and it wasn’t her family or friends. Other oddities started to happen, like pillows being misplaced and everyone denying they moved them. Before running water was added, an outhouse was available and she recalls going outside during the early hours of the night.

Loey Lane haunted cabin story

One evening, while she was outside doing her business, she heard leaves rustling and heard some noises. She called out “Mom?”, the noise continued like a humming sound. She compared this with someone humming one musical note. She was pretty sure, it wasn’t some kind of animal either.

Her assumption was, this was her cousin playing a joke on her. She kept quite and continued listening. The sound surrounded her all around the outhouse. After a bit, she started to freak out. Eventually, she made a run back inside the cabin. (She shared what had happened years later)

Loey mentioned that when she was around 5-7 years old, when she noticed a man in the woods. She began waving at him. This strange man she was waving to, was across the campfire one evening. He had glasses on and nobody else could see him.

Only Loey waved towards him, like she noticed someone. Her father asked who she was waving to. She explained and he took all the children inside. After this, he went out into the woods looking for this man. The man was nowhere to be found and no sign of anyone else around either.

Loey clearly recalls seeing a man and his face from the distance. Perhaps Loey witnessed some sort of ghostly spirit that was lingering in this area. Who they were and why they were here is still unknown.

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