NASA confirms the existence of aliens

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alien in space

While the question has lingered on everyone’s mind for so very long (according to a post by Disclose TV) NASA has confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials and has made contact with them. This has people perplexed as NASA mentioned they simply forgot to tell everyone. A supposed two hour briefing has taken place about it.

Trish Chamberson

A person named Trish Chamberson (a representative from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) said previously the contact is real. Before, a number of theories were simply dismissed as speculation by fringe enthusiasts. In actuality, these fringe enthusiasts were right all along about aliens and their existence.

The interview continued, proclaiming more information regarding the existence of the Greys. This alien species have always been best described as being small-bodied, sexless beings who have grey-colored smooth skin with no hair and large black eyes. They have been visiting Earth for thousands of years according to this information.

It dates back in history, to the ancient pyramids of Giza and other structures of buildings scattered around Earth. This NASA representative continued to confirm theories which include mining operations taking place within the solar system. The minerals have continued to be harvested by the Grey alien species.

alien world

The mines being harvested were located upon the far side of our Moon. Not only here, but other planetary locations have continued to be scavenged for materials. Chamberson has claimed that aliens have started to begin mining planet Jupiter. Observers of this planet, have already seen several new rings which are appearing around the planet.

Chamberson mentioned that NASA now is in regular communication with four different alien species who have frequented Earth. All species of these different aliens are from different parts of our galaxy. All of these encounters have been peaceful ones so far, the government agency continues to remain amicable.

To date, the aliens have mentioned our use of nuclear weaponry and how we continue to test it on planet Earth. These different species of aliens, express their concern for us and this planet. Life on Earth will suffer from harnessing such destructive forces. Chamberson also mentioned that the aliens are actually harmless to us and simply want to take a portion of our planet’s natural resources.


In the regards of human abductions, it is not these four species which are responsible. Many believe that something is taking place in Antarctica and another more sinister species may be responsible for humans being taken for experimentation. This species is far more hostile towards humanity. For years, secret government operations have been back-engineering alien technology.

It is foolish to think mankind is alone, simply discovered computers by themselves and have further progressed them to this point in time. Several alien species have bases on the far side of the moon and continue to mine several planets near our solar system for their minerals. Perhaps we can continue to learn from them and they from us.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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