Hacker group Anonymous discovers more about antarctic aliens

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Anonymous aliens in Antarctica

The hacker group known as Anonymous, have recently posted a video on YouTube about the existence of aliens in Antarctica. What has been discovered, is a collaboration which exists between governments and extraterrestrials from beyond what we know about. Anonymous mentions, that more information about this is on the way, as details become further clearer about it.

People are concerned about what is happening, as something quite amazing is going on in Antarctica. The truth of things will soon come to pass. A number of journalists, have been suspicious about this location for quite some time.

Antarctica underwater

Many independent news media resources—do all agree something quite strange is happening in Antarctica. There seems to be a significant amount of military hardware and personnel involved with things recently, in certain locations within Antarctica. (With all the different technology available to people, it is nearly impossible to keep anything hidden for very long and it will only continue to grow over time)

An anonymous man who works in the government, mentioned that cargo and rescue operations have previously been happening between the years 1983 until 1997. He details several observations in which he witnessed strange aerial silver shaped discs flying around the Trans-antarctic Mountains. Not only him, but his entire crew bared witness to various ancient ruins at certain locations. There is a large hole ranging between 5 to 10 miles from the geographic South Pole—which is now deemed a No Fly Zone.

One medical emergency situation happened, when the crew then entered the restricted No Fly Zone area. What they witnessed, was astounding. As they flew by, they discovered an entrance to what was thought to be a human and E. T. science research base, created under the surface of the ice.

Antarctica base

This same government employee states, that when he and his crew went to pick up a group of a dozen different scientists, they had been missing for several weeks. He and his crew noticed just how concerned and scared they looked. None of the scientists mentioned anything while on board, as it was a top secret operation by the science team. The camp site from their return is known as Marie Byrd Land.

Hacker and resistance group Anonymous, has only released a limited amount of information about this, perhaps more is on the way and hopefully soon. Many people want to know the truth of things, for once and all regarding extraterrestrials and their existence.

(Source: Before It’s News)

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