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Strange Sky Pyramid Appears Over Top Of Philadelphia

A rather strange looking object recently appeared over the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Certainly this city is known for its history, but until now…the city was never known to have a pyramid seemingly hovering over its skyline. It is a very bizarre incident and has many people wonder just what it could be.  Was

Nine-Foot Tall Giants Found Near Giza Pyramids

An unusual catch was discovered by MrMBB333 on YouTube, who posted images of larger than normal men wandering the streets of Egypt. Some have speculated, that these images are in fact proof of the Anunnaki, returning to our planet in some shape, way or form. The Anunnaki, are a group of deities that appear in

Arrowhead alien spaceship snapped flying over Kentucky

Seen on the YouTube channel by MrMBB333, is a photograph that stands out among the rest regarding UFO activity in the skies above. This amazing spaceship of sorts, seems to be scouring the sky for some kind of reason. Is this something secretly created by a rogue government agency or is it really a spaceship

Mysterious vortex of energy captured by security camera

A video was posted recently, which shows an anomaly of sorts captured by a security camera. The information about this video, is quite limited but was uploaded on the MrMBB333 YouTube channel. He scours our Earth for the unusual, including different planetary changes, UFOs and more. The video was sent to him, by someone known

South Dakota’s Crazy Horse Monument invaded by UFO

Recently, a rather extraordinary moment occurred in the sky, just above the Crazy Horse Monument located in South Dakota. Crazy Horse, is the world’s largest mountain carving that is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This is a memorial for all Native American tribes, it is considered The Eighth Wonder of the World