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Tattooed Fish Phillipines tshirt

Tattooed Fish Turns Up In The Philippines

When fisherman Lopez Jaena from Mindanao, Philippines caught this unusual fish, it quickly made the news. The blue marlin fish, weighed in at nearly 53 pounds. What was unusual about this particular fish, were...

second sphinx found

Second Sphinx Found In Egypt

Quite recently in Egypt, a second sphinx was discovered. When engineers and other crew were digging, they stumbled upon a lion’s body with a human head. It is believed that the solar deity Sekhmet...

Mummified Foot Long Finger Found

Mummified Foot Long Finger Found

A discovery made in Egypt, that has since made many question our very history. The question is, whether or not giant sized people once roamed the Earth? Perhaps quite possibly, there are a few...

Dog-headed men

Legend of the dog-headed men

Legends and lore states that long ago, a tribe of dog-men and women existed. Scientific proof has yet to be presented about these dog-men. However, there are tales about a race of people who...


Russians find ancient alien astronaut

Back during the early 1960’s, Russian KGB apparently found an ancient alien astronaut inside a pyramid during an expedition to Egypt. Initially, they entered the tomb unprotected not wearing any protective gear. When they...