Weird Blue Glowing Lights Are Appearing Around The World From Above

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Once someone sees something like this, it is easy to speculate what it might be. Some think it is a part of a government experiment of some kind, while others say it is more extraterrestrial. Could this be part of project blue beam? Perhaps, but it is merely hearsay for now. 

What is known about this strange phenomenon is the weird blue glowing lights are appearing at night and inside cloud formations mostly. It isn’t an energy storm of some kind. These lights look really different and the blue glowing effect seems to be intense as it can easily be seen from miles away. 

Early reports about this have first come from the United States, Australia and Spain so far. People have managed to capture photos and video of this light from different locations and times. Perhaps someone else out there has video of this happening during the daylight hours, as most of what has been seen is only happening during the night.

weird blue glowing light in sky

One woman from Madrid, Spain managed to record on her phone about 7 minutes of footage. It is easy to see why people are speculating about this strange blue light source. 

So far, no one has come forward to explain what is going on or the purpose of this. This light could be connected to the numerous earthquakes happening lately in different places but this is just a guess. 

While it is easy to say the light is still a mystery, it could be happening from the strong magnetic fields which creates this kind of light source. This happens when quartz layers are tightly pressed against each other creating this kind of an effect. 

With everything happening lately, the world is seeking answers and it seems we are only left in the dark, only this time the sky is lit up with an unusual blue glow. 

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