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Angelic savior captured on street camera


Originally uploaded back in May of 2012, this video shows a rather astonishing moment as the driver of a truck almost hits and kills a man on a bicycle. Right before the impact an unknown figure enters the screen to save the day.

It was only mere moments before this guardian angel saves this man. It seems his fate was previously sealed. Does this person have superpowers or are they even human? They quickly flee the scene before any police arrive. This happened in China at an intersection. The exact location is unknown only that it was camera 64 recording the event. Many speculate whether or not this is real, part of a promotion or something else.


A few observations include that the truck driver does indeed swerve to the left and then right. At the last second he leaves a dark skid mark on the pavement. The spot on the pavement from where they teleport ed from has a dark round imprint (which was left behind). The truck driver then gets out of the his vehicle looking confused at what actually happened. He then proceeds to wander towards the man on the bicycle approaching them to see if they are okay.

Before the man wanders over to check if the guy is okay he looks at the imprint left behind. It takes him a few moments to collect himself before wandering over. His actions seem puzzling as he cannot decide to apologize or run away to get away from this situation. Perhaps he couldn’t believe what he actually had seen.


Another observation is the size of the hands the superhuman has. They appear to be glowing bright white before this unknown entity places their hands back into their pockets. It is possible they were wearing white gloves, but there seems to be a distinctive glow coming from their hands. They were intent on leaving the scene of the near fatal accident rather quickly.

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With the way the world treats something different—the guardian angel may have fled not wanting to be recognized for what they might be. Society is quick to judge things and immediately wants to start dissecting something unknown seeing if it can be a benefit their military forces. This may well be an extraterrestrial sparing this mans life for some reason. Perhaps they are time keeping time jumper helping to keep the world in order.

truck driver

Off to the top right of the screen the man on the bicycle seems rather shocked and then sits down to contemplate what actually did happen. The guardian then wanders off down screen off to the right wearing a hoody. They also don’t seem to talk with either of the men before leaving the scene.

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