Several angels recorded flying over Boa Vista, Brazil

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angels in the sky Brazil

Floating around on the internet, is a video of several angels flying high in the skies. The location of the footage was taken at Boa Vista, Brazil. The original video, was uploaded on February 15th back in 2014.

Supposedly, the video was entirely created digitally. However, there are some who believe the “digital creation” was created as a mere cover up of the real thing. A number of people do believe in angels and that something is guiding or helping them throughout their lives.

Perhaps these very people, want to believe so badly—they see past what might really be there. Either way, this video is rather intriguing. As seen, the camera pans to what appears to be a younger boy angel and an adult looking female angel. They playfully fly around just above a rooftop in Boa Vista. The exact location isn’t known, but it was a clear sunny day when this allegedly happened.

Two angels over Brazil

So far, the two angels flying over Boa Vista has been seen millions of times, after first being uploaded. The boy angel appears to be holding a golden trumpet and perhaps is even blowing on it making a sound of sorts. There has been music and sounds added to this video, to create more of an effect while watching it.

The perspective of the video is shot from a single point of view pointing outside of an open window. Allegedly, the cameraman just happen to have a camera steadfast ready to capture what was going on outside his window. He originally thought, that these were nothing more than some kind of bird from first glance.

It wasn’t until a few moments later, that he realized something special was happening. Posted on the YouTube channel Jessen Carlos, they have released another video showcasing another angel outside of the same window. This time, a nude female angel, blows him a kiss goodbye—before flying off into the air. Admittedly, this video seems more unrealistic than the first, but it was thought provoking none the less.

Female angel on rooftop in Brazil

These videos have people at least thinking about the possibility of angels existing. For those wondering, the translation “Anjos Filmados No Céu” means “Angels Filmed in the Sky.”

Those fascinated with the concept that God giving humankind a protector or guarding force, can be a revelation for some people. People who are of Catholic faith or not, doubt that they deserve an angelic protector. It is a difficult thing to accept and comprehend. Without realizing, quite often humans may well chase away these rather helpful entities.

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