Witch Performs Exorcism After Demonic Car Crash

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A self-proclaimed witch, decided to cleanse the area where a car crash happened. Using her arcane knowledge, she perform rituals and practices using both herbs and the heads of dolls – to rid away any dark demonic forces, that may have lingered behind.

This happened back in 2017, in Reforma, Mexico on March 30. A BMW automobile, was totaled after the driver along with 3 passengers were all fatally killed. The driver had been drinking heavily and this witch thinks more was involved that meets the eye. Known as Zulema the witch, she feels that a demonic entity was responsible for this tragedy.

Zulema the witch performs exorcism in Mexico

Zulema quickly made headlines when this happened. The ritual left many people scratching their heads over this. Not long after, Zulema quickly gained some notoriety. Performing a ritual such as this, would certainly attract attention. When asked about her exorcism practice by the media…Zulema said, “The speed they were driving was more of a supernatural power rather than a drunk with their foot on the petal.”

Police at the scene were skeptical and think it was nothing more than an alcohol related death for the four who died that day. It is believed that BMW drivers, are often possessed by something in this culture. Maybe this is because they choose to flaunt their wealth, as a status symbol. It makes one a wonder how they gained their fortune in the first place. Perhaps a dark practice or sacrifice was used.

When Zulema performed this demonic cleansing, she also used a black candle along with turpentine to ward away any demonic spirits, that may have been left behind. It seems in recent times, there has been more of a demand for exorcisms. This may be the result in the decline of Christian faith and the internet providing easy access to black magic, the occult and Satanism comparably. Quite incredibly, now priests are carrying out exorcisms with their mobile phones.

Zulema insists that this accident was not only by human hands but by something else entirely. Many factors can come into play when things like this happen. In our world, we are challenged by both good and bad forces. For whatever reason, certain people attract one or the other. Each decision that we make in our lives, will have a direct effect on not only ourselves but others around us. We must be diligent in what we do each day and be responsible for our actions.

(Source: Watcher of the Dawn and Mirror)

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