Man Shot After Being Mistaken For Bigfoot

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It happened recently, as a man was out in the woods target practicing with his gun. While he was out there practicing his aim, he was mistaken for Bigfoot it seems. Someone driving a black Ford F-150, fired at him on 12/18/18.

The man who was shot, couldn’t recall whom he spoke with, yet the victim did manage to see the shooters vehicle from the distance. It is unclear how badly he was wounded, but it must have been enough for him to pass out from blood loss after a while

According to the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the shot man was forced to take cover after shots were fired over where he was at. When the shots stopped, the man then approached the shooter to get an explanation about what happened.

He met up face to face with the shooter and this is what he said, “I was out hunting Bigfoot.”

Man shot after being mistaken for Bigfoot

This same man (who was shot) explained that he wasn’t Bigfoot obviously. After this, the shooter said he should be wearing blaze orange hunting gear for his own safety.

This reaction was quite unusual, for something so serious by nature. It seemed like a non-emotional approach to something that’s extremely serious,” said Leo Dutton, the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff.

The police later checked the surrounding area and didn’t find any signs of a vehicle. The man who was shot, didn’t want to press any charges miraculously. Police are still searching for leads regarding this peculiar situation.

From what is known, the man wounded is from the Helena, Montana area. People who wander the woodlands, can sometimes find themselves in sudden danger…whether it be by nature or mankind.

This time, it seems two men were lucky nothing more happened to them on this day. The next time they go hunting, they might look back over their shoulder for a real Bigfoot creature.

(Source: KULR 8 NBC)

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