Men Wearing Hazmat Suits, Pull Merman From The Waters Of Poland

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A video was posted back on September 24, 2015.  It appears to show a merman being pulled from an undisclosed location in Poland. These five men, are wearing white colored hazmat type suits. During the video, they appear to be carrying the lifeless body of an alleged merman over towards two other men. These two men, appear to be not wearing any kind of mask or goggles over top of their faces.

Merman pulled from Poland water

The other two men seen, have yellow and black suits on. This suggests they are officials of some kind, perhaps with the medical or fire department. As another guess, they could be some kind of utility type workers.

The entire video is quite obscure. What is known about this is…a lady named Julia Domagalska first posted it on YouTube with the title “Niewiadomoco”. The video has been seen 1.8 million times so far. It is unknown who recorded the nearly two minute long video.

Noise can be heard in the background, that sounds like cars driving by. This suggests that this location is nearby a somewhat populated area. Perhaps a river or lake is nearby. What they did with the body of this alleged merman or possible mermaid is unknown. If this was in fact real, the body would be preserved and studied by scientists somewhere.

There are so many questions about this video. Was this someone wearing some kind of costume who drown? Is this some kind of highly unusual fish found? How many other people were there that day who witnessed this?

This is the only known video so far about this merman on camera. As these men “fished” out this merman, a tail can be seen briefly towards the beginning of the video. Was this tail seen, some kind of attachment like from part of a costume? If this was real, it would have been one of the greatest discoveries ever made. Likely, this was part of some kind of prank scenario. Either way, it was interesting to watch.

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