When They Were A Child, They Witnessed Something Freakish

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Many years ago, in the north side of London, a young boy experienced something simply unexplainable. This person refused to give their name, yet wanted to explain what happened to them. Before u/AnonymousWolf93 shared this on Reddit, they only mentioned this to a few people previously.

At his parents’ home, there was a field located on the opposite side of the house. Early in the morning, they would walk their dog around. The neighborhood was a fairly quiet place most of the time. It took only about five minutes to get back home from this very field. The boy walked his dog by himself on this day. If anyone knows what a Cavalier King Charles is like, this type of dog is pretty friendly most of the time.

As both of them approached the field along a pathway, his dog suddenly stopped dead in its tracks and just started staring ahead. The fur on his dog’s back raised up and the animal began to growl menacingly.

About 50 feet ahead was a tall, lanky looking creature that was spotted. His best estimation was, this thing was around 6 feet tall. Looking at it, he noticed it had long digits on its hands. This was no human, it was something else entirely.  It is unknown what color this unknown entity was.

The mystery figure, appeared to be hunched over comparable to that of a chimpanzee. It was able to crouch down like a chimpanzee, using all four of its limbs. Even stranger were the long spike appendages protruding from this things back.

When They Were A Child They Witnessed Something Freakish

Moments later, this unknown thing wander off back into the brush ahead of them. Whatever it was, this thing was quite fast. He and the dog lost track of it. Out of fear, he turned around along with his dog and headed back home. It seemed like only a few moments passed and he was back home again.

Certainly seeing something such as this would scare anyone. It was weird and unlike anything ever seen before. Unfortunately, no photograph was taken of it. He never walked his dog back through again for obvious reasons. Even now as they reflect back upon that day, it was something that they will never forget. So many questions remain unanswered.

There are different things out there that cannot be explained. Perhaps in the future answers to these questions will be answered. Many believe that aliens walk among us, perhaps this was some variation of an already reported type of alien or something else entirely.

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